90+ Dope & Badass Crew Names

I along with my friends daily go for a walk after dinner and there we stop at a tea corner and enjoy a group of small kids. They are genuinely very smart and creative. One among them named Shiva has very good managing skills. They not only taught us a new ball game but also gave our crew a name, Bear Brothers. Their crew name was Powerhouse. Other interesting crew names they shared they gave to others were The Crazy Bunch, Rock Machine, Legacy Leavers, Cute Crasher and Bravehearts.

So, have you decided to build up a crew? And are you now looking for awesome crew names? You have come to the right place. Though it is never an easy task to find the right Cool Crew Names for the right type of crew, our collection of cool crew names contains every possible type of these names.

So without any delay, let’s start and find out the most suitable name for you.

Unique Crew Names

Crew Names

The best way to get a unique name for your crew is to brainstorm one. But naming is an art and every work of art needs inspiration. Are you searching for some ideal examples of unique crew names?

We have got your back! We have assembled some cool and astounding Crew names exclusively for you so that you can read them and get an idea of how what an ideal name must sound like.

AcidifiersBoozy Bankers
AlcoholismBow And Arrow
Creation CrewChiki Fighter
DiscriminatorsCovalent Bonds
Homo SapiensLady Trap Stars

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Best Crew Names

What can be cooler than a creative and catchy name? But everyone wants to be innovative nowadays. Do you know what creativity is? Or how can you be creative? Look at the names we have collected for you.

These can be model crew names for you.

ThunderboltsTerrifying Tarantulas
The Storm BringersSoldiers
BlitzkriegTrigger Happy
Black PanthersShocking Scorpions
Fire StartersGatling Guns
Skull CrushersRaging Bulls

Crew Names For Gamers

A name is really important for a crew. It gives your crew a sense of togetherness. And this feeling is important to build up the necessary team spirit.

If you are searching for a name for your crew in a game, we are sure that you will love your name to be cool and funny. So we have collected a list of awesome names that you will literally love.

Rhythmic RoutesHumorous
Frozen FantasiesExperimental

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Crew Name Ideas For PUBG

PUBG is the most trending game played over the phone nowadays. Even a lot of people buy the premium packs of these games to make their players look cool during the game and to make them well-equipped for the war.

Are you too a fan of this game? You must be wondering what should be your crew name right? You are in the right place then.

Here you will get an amazing list of PUBG crew names in the following table. Let’s explore together.

Devil’s of HellKings♛ of PUBG
Angry BullsSharpshooters
Bad RidersContract killers
Gods Of WarGhost Ridders
Chamn ChutiyaBablu Gang
Gabbar GangPower Girls or Boys
Dream TeamFireballs
Suicide SquadCampers

Badass Crew Names For GTA 5

Crew Names

Do you love playing the role of a deadly pirate in GTA? Does this game take you to the land of fantasy toys want to live in? Building a crew in a game like GTA is really exciting. But this starts with finding a name for your crew.

Hence let’s begin with that. The table below contains marvelous names for your GTA crew.

UnsinkableDancing Demons
Non-Stop ActionGang Bang
The GuardiansBravehearts
The Supreme TeamDeath Whisperers
Bleeding StreetsBlackberries
Monkey MouthsDirty Diamonds

Cool Crew Names For Pirates

Naming a pirate crew is no less thrilling than witnessing the spine-chilling escape scenes of wave-smart Jack Sparrow.

Here skills and abilities of the seafaring bandits, spirit, aggression, and area of operation are framed in pyro-terminology, humor, and polished sarcasm. So set sail of your boat with a like-minded crew and a swashbuckling name.

Crusading in Deadly WatersCaptain Kidd’s:
The Cursed BaboonsThe Black Skulls
Animal Kingdom Pirates:The Corsairs Curse
Les VagabondsThe Dread Pillagers
Broken HarborsLes Pillards en Proie
Hunter SeaHawksThe Sharkfin Pillars
Sword GreaseSimply Mentions
Lady buysThe Rovers of the East Coast
The Albatross BuccaneersBlood Lightening
Wizards of WaverlyLes Pirates de la Sirène d’Or

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Crew Names For Friends

Crew Names

Do your friends trust your choice more than their own? Wow! You have got good taste! Are you building a crew with your friends now? A name that reflects your loveable bond will be the best name.

Roll your eyes over the list.

Life Is a HighwayHuman Targets
Russia From My BackyardHan Not Solo
Westcoast RidersWe Know Justin Bieber
Eastcoast SonsThe Day After Valentine’s
We Hustle for a LivingWe Know Justin Bieber
Long Story ShortHead, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Funny Crew Names

Keep scrolling to look for the best funny names for a crew. Spread laughter with your cheeky and witty crew names.

No SympathyCollege Dropouts
AstrosDrunk Damsels
Bumping UgosGreek Fire
DarksideBall Hogs
Around The HornPhantoms
Booger ArmyIconoclasts

Badass Crew Names

Through the roaring ocean is a pirate ship charging fiercely at a cargo – an intimidating setting, isn’t it?

As a leader of a badass crew in an event or a game, you need to chalk out, with experience and expertise, an identity to infuse this live-by-sword spirit in every member. Check our list to find out the real treasure of badass names!!

Friction FireGear Heads
BurnoutNo Drunk Drives
Matrix MechanixRum Randos
Torque PowerWhiskey Bandits
AutomophilesRace to Victory
Pedal BustersFast and Furious
RamRoad33Car Stickers Club
Mileage ConnoisseurTriple Clutcher

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What Should I Name My Car Crew ?

Crew Names

To be a car-lover asks for profound knowledge of the latest models and their launches, styles, features, and performance output. In this ever-expanding and wondrous automobile world, what about forming a dedicated community of motile buffs?

But much before exploring the world on wheels, you need a crew name that will keep your team’s spirit in top gear and make every destination nearer.

Why worry? Read these names and accelerate!

No Drunk DrivesBurnout
Rum RandosTorque Power
Race to VictoryMatrix Mechanix
Last PicksAutomophiles
Friction FireFast and Furious

Crew Name Generator

Are you too busy with your hectic daily schedule? Is it really tough for you to dedicate time to your game? A crew name generator can be a great help to you. We have listed down some name-generating sites for you. But these sites will only give you some generic names. You need to put awesome keywords to get the maximum out of these sites.

  • Namedfrog.com
  • Fantasynamegenerator.com
  • Businessnamegenerator.com
  • Thenameshack.com
GelatiamoLibrary Lurkers
Gentle DonsLocal Celebrities
Grape BuddiesMean Ones
Grapevine SquadMongolians
Grass StainsMoon Dancers
Gulabi GangPings Of Surprise
Homo SapiensPink Dots


We hope that our collection of cool crew names has helped you out in your crisis. Consider these badass crew names to be the ideal type and brainstorm your own name. You can also use any of the names you like from our article. Thank you for visiting us.

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