315+ Edgy Tattoo Shop Names to Captivate Your Customers

As someone who had always been fascinated by tattoos, opening my own tattoo shop had been a lifelong dream. I knew that the name of the shop was an important aspect of branding, and I wanted to create something that was catchy and memorable. I looked for various names, Momentum Tattoo, No Regrets, Blue Collar Tattoo, City of Ink, Concrete Jungle Tattoo, Dovetail Tattoo and Skincredible. After much brainstorming, I settled on the name “Ink Obsession.”

I felt that the name encapsulated the passion and dedication that both tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike have for their craft. It also had a sense of exclusivity and allure, which I believed would attract customers who were looking for a unique and personalized tattoo experience.

As I opened my shop, I was thrilled to see that my instincts were right. The name “Ink Obsession” resonated with people and quickly became known as a top tattoo destination in the area. It was satisfying to see my passion for tattoos manifest into a successful business, all under the banner of a name that truly reflected the spirit of my shop.

Tattoo Page Name Ideas

The best way to come up with a unique name for a tattoo shop is to think outside of the box and brainstorm your own name. What do you think about a cool name?

A cool name is infallible as you will have many clients with cool personalities and smart box-thinking. So try to go fresh and up-to-date. And they will like to opt for a shop that carries a strong and bold image.

Forever Yours TattoosViking TattooOnce Upon a TattooEye of the Needle
Old School TattoosReclaimed TattoosRoadrunner Tattoo StudioEnhanced Art Tattoo Studio
Pinup Tattoo ParlorBoho InkInkphoric (like euphoric)Ink Finesse
Soulful InkShips & Sails Tattoo ShopAbove & Beyond TattoosDecadent Ink
Casablanca InkThe Jazzclub Tattoo StudioYou Only Live Once Tattoo ParlorBody Armor Tattoo
Royalty TattoosKing Arthur’s Tattoo ShopOut of This World InkProphecy Tattoo Studio
Castaways Tattoo ParlorPirate Ship Tattoo ParlorFlashy InkTransmutation Tattoo
The Armory Tattoo ShopYankee Doodles TattooThe InkstainJetsetters Tattoo Shop
The Catwalk Tattoo ParlorLegacy InkPins & Needles TattooEmpowered Ink
Vintage Customs Tattoo ShopYe Olde Tattoo ParlorLive Fast InkBody Architects

Badass Tattoo Shop Names

Naming a business is a work of art and artists find inspiration in the strangest of places. And as the greatest artist had said inspiration has to find you working. 

So until you find your unique brand name, be sure that you are looking at everything with an artist’s eye. Be it the ideas popping up in your head or be it your day-to-day tasks. Do not pick up a name in rush. Don’t bind your imagination with conditions, for art is timeless and free.   


Here is following another collection. Do you what is a specialty of these is? They boldly shout out your uniqueness. Hence, let’s dive into the following list of passionate names for your tattoo parlor we have made exclusively for you.

Greased Lightning Tattoos (like the film)Black Flag Tattoo ParlorTenacious TattoosGarden of Eden Tattoo Parlor
Ancient Arts Tattoo ShopGood Times TattooInk IncorporatedThe Ink Arsenal
Rose Tattoo ParlorSword & Crown InkHigh Tide TattooSpear Strike Tattoo
Medusa TattoosOld Town TattoosTake a Bow Tattoo ShopContinental Ink
Primordial Art Tattoo ParlorLong John Silver’s Tattoo ShopTurn It Up Tattoo ShopThird Eye Tattoo
Samurai InkRemnants Tattoo ParlorIdol InkNeedle Grind Ink
Ink LoreProhibition InkChronic InkRenown Tattoo
Anchors Away Tattoo StudioOmega TattooNoteworthy TattooInk Culture
The Yardstick Tattoo ShopPortrait InkTattoo ParadiseMasterful Designs Tattoo Studio
Celtic Tattoo StudioFleet Street TattoosBig Top Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Name Ideas

Tattoos are beautiful and expressive forms of body art. They not only take your beauty to another level but express your thoughts, and represent you before others boldly. It feels extraordinary when someone chooses you to paint something permanently on their body. You also need to make them trust you to allow you this great opportunity. 

Your brand name plays a great role here. Pick up such a classy and catchy name, that people are bound to sneak a peek at you. But only an attractive name won’t be of enough good. You will also need an amazing portfolio, a perfect advertisement, and most importantly honest and good tattoo drawing skills.

Spiritual Body ArtBone Cold TattooTattootasticTattoo X
Empire Tattoo ParlorCherry Bomb TattooInk it OutAll Inked Up
Alexandra Belle DesignsTattoo GirlsSkin DeepBody Arts and Crafts
Southern Charm TattooColor My World TattooTit for TatAce of Hearts
Phoenix Rising TattoosThe Dabble InnTattootiesHigh Voltage Tattoo Parlor
Golden Quest TattoosBushido Rose Tattoo StudioJust in Time TattoosMoon and Stars Tattoo
The RoadhouseSimple Tattoo SalonIdol InkChapel Tattoo
Ink Time TattoosMax Damage TattoosChronic InkBlack Cat Tattoo
Ink Well Tattoo StudioPolar Bear TattooNoteworthy TattooAfter Hours Tattoo
Black Velvet TattooGemini Tattoo StudioToned up TattoosExpressive Ink
Blue Moon Tattoo ParlourAnchor TattooBody AdornmentsBright Side Up Tattoo
Just Bitchin’ InkClean Cut to TattooFirst in Line TattoosRoaring Lion Tattoo
Rude TattooStar Foot Tattoo IdeasSecond SkinPirate Tattoo Shop
Lucky Charm TattooTattoo Vue Studio & Art GalleryBody MuralsTattoo Box
Devil City TattooLaced With InkCompellingDrunken Sailor Tattoo
Abolition Artist TattooFine NeedleAces HighChaos Tattoos
Killer Diller Tattoo ShopLucky 7 TattooHigh Caliber InkTattoo Ambiance
The Idle HandBlind Faith TattoosLost at SeaThe Body Art Shop
Money Shot TattooGood Vibes TattoosMore Than Skin-Deep
Body Art
Japanese Tattoos

Tattoo Artist Instagram Names

Remember the trend of the last summer? Literally, everyone had a leopard-print midi skirt. That is the same thing about tattoos. Tattoo is the in thing nowadays. But there are many tattoo artists too. So if you want to gain more profit from this business, you will need to promote yourself well. And what is a better way than social media?

An Instagram page will be a great idea to let people know about your tattoo skills. Have you already decided to open up an Instagram page? You will need a name too.

Brush & Easel InkRage TattoosCobra
Mystic InkBig Shots TattooRazor
Freestyle InkAtomic TattoosThe Owl
Alchemy TattooSpellbound Tattoo ShopShagro
Color TheoryHammer of Thor TattooRusty
Rainbow InkPassion for InkTank
Graffiti InkTattoo RevolutionBoris
Feather & Arrow Tattoo StudioThe Mosh Pit Tattoo ParlorDreads
Body EmbroideryThe Ink JunctionWolf
Canvas Tattoo ParlorSky’s the Limit Tattoo StudioBranded by (your name)

Tattoo Shop Names 2023

Your brand name can make or mar your business. A catchy name for a tattoo parlor is the best way to advertise your business and attract expected attention.

A witty name would be a great choice. Try playing with words and chose a clever and rhythmic name. A name that tells your clients about your business values would help them trust you and remember you.  

Custom SkinCarpe Diem InkEtched in InkTime-out Tattoos
Walk the Line Tattoo ParlorInfinite InkThe Vortex Tattoo ShopDesigner Ink
Clean Line TattooRampageMore Than Skin Deep Body ArtRaven Tattoo Parlor
Paint SlingersFlashy InkRoyal InksBig Top Tattoo Shop
Seas the Day TattooPassion for InkThunderbird TattooAfter Hours Tattoo
Gold Leaf Tattoo StudioSkin Beaten Tattoo StudioBoreal TattooTribal Tattoos
V Twin TattooSaints InkDaredevil TattooBlackheart Ink
ShagroAround the World Tattoo ParlorInsanity TattooSpirit World Tattoo
Ink Well Tattoo StudioDivine InkHigh Caliber InkBlack Dragon Tattoo Parlor
Dagos Body ArtCelticSacred Art Tattoo StudioBerserkers Tattoo

Bad Tattoo Shop Names

As we have already said, naming is an art. If you are going for a cool name, it is a good choice. But you have to know what is moral and what is not.

People will avoid you by instinct, if your business name sounds bad or if there is anything unethical. So be really careful.

Here we have compiled a list of names that are cool and maintain the business morality properly. You can take these names as ideal examples and brainstorm your own name.

Mouse’s Custom TattooMasquerade TattoosMayhem TattooTattoo You!
Paint SlingersEvol InkCelticPetals and Thorns Tattoos
Red LetterFine Line TattooWild WestFreestyle Ink
Resurrection TattooGold Dust TattoosSailorGame Face Tattoos
Rock Star StudiosBuzzArtVikingAlbany Avenue Tattoo
Fame TattoosPinpoint ArtReclaimedAfterthought Designs and Ink
Fluid InkCrimson Door TattoosBoho InkThird Eye Tattoo
Good Vibrations InkHydrosTATic TatsInked Out TattoosBlckside Studio
Sin InkGuru TattooChet (Rivers)Dakota
Angel HeartHeart in HandBlondie’s Tattoo ShopCrossbones Gallery
Gaslight GalleryInborn TattooMama Tried Tattoo Social ClubLowbrow Art Productions
The All Paws Tattoo CompanyThe Electric Needle ParlorModern InkSnake
Blue Blood (or Bloody Red) TattoosConspiracy Theory Tattoo ShopSlap Chop TattooKeep Calm and Tattoo on

Tattoo Studio Names

Have you considered that If you are considering becoming a tattoo artist, one of the first things you will want to think about is your artist name. If your artist name reflects your passion it may bring you more positive attention.  We have brought you awesome tattoo artist name ideas you may like.

Another Name for Tattoo Artist
Chronic InkLet it BleedTattoo ParadiseSabbath Ink Studio
X Marks the SpotBlackhouse InkTattoo N’ TapersApocalypse Tattoos
Raven Tattoo ParlorThe Talisman Tattoo ShopVIP TattooSynergy Ink
Needle Grind InkConvicted InkIlluminate InkBody Architects
Sacred InkSky’s the Limit Tattoo StudioCollision TattooSonix Ink
Nomad InkAbove & Beyond TattoosTankBoho Ink
Fire & Ice TattooNoteworthy TattooBlack CatBlackheart Ink
Futuristic InkArchitect of InkFirst in Line TattoosBody Adornments
The Ink ScribeThe Spectrum Tattoo ParlorWhiskey TattooTempest Tattoo Shop
High Tide TattooAnarchy InkInk EnvyEnchanted Ink
Target Practice Tattoo ShopEmpire Tattoo StudioCanvas Tattoo ParlorSkin Polish Tattoo Shop
Inborn TattooShady InkTouchdown TattooAces High Tattoo Studio
The Needle GrooveInk WonderTango Tattoo ParlorMantra Tattoo
Bloodlines Tattoo Studio1st Edition InkTattoo MastersOld School Tattoos
Get Your Ink OnGood Times TattooGunnerTattooties
Red LetterThe Joker Tattoo ParlorMystic InkSailor Tattoo Studio
The Ink AdvisorInto the Void InkDestiny TattooYankee Doodles Tattoo
Guru TattooOrigin InkTurn It Up Tattoo ShopThe Tattoo Tech
Hammer of Thor TattooTake it Off TattoosPassion for InkCompelling Body Art
Tapout TattoosBlack Dragon Tattoo ParlorNeedle NotionsMayhem Tattoo
Art History TattooBullseye TattooCaptain InkShotgun Tattoo Studio
Wild WestInk FinesseBig Cat TattooRock Star Studios
Old Town TattoosThe Void Tattoo ShopSpeakeasy TattooEmpowered Ink
Inkphoric (like euphoric)Boneface InkBuzzArtSpike Tattoo Studio
Azure Tattoo ParlorVisions Tattoo StudioRage TattoosRampage Ink
Star TattooUltimate Design Studio
Talk of the Town TattoosCedar Springs Tattoo
Above & Beyond TattoosGet Inked
Paradise City TattooFine Needle
Nomad InkTattootastic
Wolf Head TattooInk it Out
Hot Kixx TattooSkin Deep

Is Owning A Tattoo Shop Profitable?

It can be pretty profitable. And it also depends on the season and the skill of the artist. It is easy to get into the business and can be profitable.

After a few years of establishing their clients and refining their profession, most tattoo artists earn $50,000 to 1lakh a year and stores have an average profit margin of 5% after expenses.

How Much Do Successful Tattoo Artists Make?

This is a kind of job which pay according to your skills. The richest tattoo artist makes thousand of dollars per hour. Averagely you will make around thirty dollars per hour.

What’s The Typical Name For A Sheet Of Tattoo Designs?

It is known as a tattoo flash, and typically can be seen on the walls of tattoo parlors.

How Much Does A Tattoo Shop Owner Make?

The average revenue per tattoo studio is estimated at $241,000, and a typical tattoo artist earns $50,000 a year. In large metro areas, and stores with 5 or 6 rental artists, it is not unusual for a studio to generate $500,000 or more annually in receipts.


I hope you have liked our collection of tattoo shop names and have got all your queries answered. We wish you success in your journey ahead. Thank you for visiting us!

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