150+ Catchy And Creative Korean Usernames For Girls And Boys

My sister is a big fan of K-dramas and thanks to her, I have been watching some good ones too. Only recently we finished Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha which kind of rekindled her faith in love!  Before that, she got me the watch Silent Sea and Under the Queen’s Umbrella. 

While my connection with the K-culture ends with watching a few dramas, my sister is heavily invested in the whole idea. From music to fashion, even her food choices are currently being influenced by the K-culture.

Under such circumstances, it’s only natural that she will have many people with Korean Usernames on her social media accounts; and since I share a lot of mutual connections with her, I have many people using Korean Usernames in my accounts as well. 

Korean Usernames intrigued me to a great extent and thus I decided to do some research. I realized, the best thing about Korean Usernames is that they are ideal to express oneself. Some of my top favorite Korean Usernames from my social media accounts include WorldRich, HeadlineZippo, Nuetto, and HartFreezing. 

Honestly, such cute and unique Korean usernames inspired me to select a similar username for my Instagram handle. But I couldn’t just select any name. I  needed to find a username that will match my personality. Thus before selecting my Korean Username, I asked myself, am I an outgoing person? Do I like cats or dogs? Such questions are crucial to help you select the ideal username. 

After a few days of beating around the bush, and playing trial and error with multiple names, I finally got the name that suited me perfectly- BTSbackstreet! 

I don’t know whether it was for my changed username, but my profile leveled up, I started getting more engagement in my content, and a few DMs congratulated me on my amazing username. In this article, I have included some unique Korean Usernames that you can check out.  

So you are looking for cool Korean Usernames for your social media account. A good choice indeed. In this article, we have assembled unique Korean names exclusively for you. Each of these names has a cool resonance and an amazing meaning. So without wasting any further time let us explore the impressive Korean Usernames below.

Funny Korean Name

Korean Usernames

A funny name is the key to bringing more attention to your social media account. But do you know the recipe to make this magical potion? It is your sense of humor and your wit.

Pick up such a name that gives your audiences a glimpse of your cool and composed personality and your crazy bone at the same time. Look at the list below to find a suitable name for yourself.

Korean HappeningKorean BoulevardKorean Prominent
ShunbriefingKolokoreansUsernames Khan
LooksunKorean FadXignerso

Korean Nicknames For Girls

If you are a girl and are looking for a nickname for your social media account that unlocks all hearts, let me tell you that boldness is the hack for you. Pick up a name that sounds sweet but portrays ‘the daring you’ together. And the internet world will be yours.

analyticalConnoisseurZinkKatie’s Bells
@famehungryCremio MianroGlimmerLinkin
Future Fijigothl0serTearin
BullFrogAPS 0007>>Crayonet
Wigtown WanderersStir Glass HourBeatnikBeauty
Ravenclaw EaglesReddyargeSidelli
TeslakeIrritatingLoveExtreme Macho Moron

Korean Aesthetic Words

Korean Usernames

Korean names have magnificent inner meanings. If you are looking for some Korean names that carry a resplendent attitude with them, the following list is exclusively for you. Just explore the aesthetic words here and your hunt for an exquisite Korean name is going to end right now right here.


Korean Usernames For Games

If you are looking for a name for your gaming character, it must be powerful and unique. Such a name will give you confidence and impress your friends and foe as well.

But this name must suit the personality of your gaming character. Here are some names for you. Explore and filter out the most perfect name.

Jun 이준Ha-Joon 하준Ji-ah 지아
Seo-Jun 서준Min-jun 민준Seo-ah 서아
Yu-Jun 유준Seo-yoon 서윤Ga-Ram 가람
Ye-jun 예준Seo-Yeon 서연Haneul 하늘
Ji-Ho 지호Ha-eun 하은Jae 재
Eun-U 은우Ji-Yoo 지우Ji-Hye 지혜
Ha-Jun 하준Ha-rin 하린Myeong 명
Do-Yun 도윤Soo-ah 수아Nabi 나비

Korean Usernames Generator

If you are too busy with your hectic and can’t find enough time to brainstorm a Korean name for yourself, we have the best solution for you.

We can suggest to you the names of some Korean name generators that will save a lot of your precious time. You need to hint at them with proper keywords. And they will answer you back with thousands of Korean names.

Shipweb218. friedchocolateTeslake
Thenornace@wildcandyUsernames Natty
KoinekoreansMoony.Usernames Reservation
VampipeHug FroggieWhiteslip
AvanterFrogilogKorean Hungry

Korean Usernames In Hangeul

Traditional Korean names consist of two syllables. One is the surname that is passed down by generations and the other is the given name at the time of birth.

However, while writing in English, there can be multiple spellings of one singular name and to avoid this problem, some Korean people westernize their name nowadays. Here are some Hangeoulian Korean names for you.

Saran’ahKorean SlickKaventa
BreezebriefingStoopthesoyNae Sarang
MonneoKorean LabelCrossen

Korean Username For Instagram For Girl

Korean Usernames

A name will appeal to you the most when it goes with your personality. So think of the best positive trait of yourself before you finalize any name. You have some suggestions of girly names for you. These names will bring your Insta account to the spotlight. Have a look at them.

Mi-HiKorean SyndicateWorldrich
Weasley I$ Our King.PlotumpuKokokoreans
The Hut of HagridIdealtualRealski
Weapons storeSurradiKoreanshe

Korean Username For Instagram For Boy

If you are looking for a badass name for your Instagram account, make sure that you finalize a name that has a long life. Some people love to flow with the trend.

But a trendy name will appear impressive until one more new trend hits the last one. So we suggest you to be classy instead.

Look at the names below.


Clever Korean Usernames

A witty and clever name is the trick if you want all antigens to steal a look at you. So pick up a name that sparks with brilliance. We have a marvelous collection of clever Korean names for you. Roll your eyes on the list below to pick up the most appealing clever Koren username.


Cute Korean Username For Twitter

Korean Usernames

Social media like Twitter is all about connecting people. So if you are looking for a name that other people feel connected with a name that sounds like a simple whistle is the best option for you.

As we all know simplicity is the most beautiful part of any art. Here are some usernames for your Twitter account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Make a Korean Username?

Ans. Have a look at our astounding collection of Korean usernames, and this giant task will appear easy to you.

Q2. How Can I Find My Korean Name?

Ans. Korean names have beautiful inner meanings and they are appealing too. Explore the list of Korean names to find your Korean name.

Q3. What Are Some Fun Usernames?

Ans. Heremont, Kaventa, Fantasia, Brental are some fun Korean usernames that are witty and carries a great hidden sense of humor.

Hope you have found a statuesque Korean username from our collection. The clever Korean Usernames here will make your account able to stand out from the crowd and stay unique forever. Thank you for visiting us

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