45+ Cool & Memorable Subdivision Names

The first time I heard the term “subdivision names” was when I was researching neighborhoods to live in. I was fascinated that these names could be used to identify different areas. After moving to the area, I noticed how these names were used to refer to different neighborhoods. It was a great way to get a feel for the local area and made navigating much easier.

The first subdivision was named “Pahuk,” meaning “Eagle’s Nest,” the second was called “Hetuck,” meaning “Deer’s Path,” and the third was given the name “Tahkawik,” which translates to “Turtle’s Place.” 

Explore more new subdivision names in this article for the subdivisions that were now ready.

Some Cool And Catchy Subdivision Names

The residents had always dreamt of a better future in the small town of Acorn Valley. One day, the town council devised a plan to subdivide the town and give each area a cool and catchy name. 

The first subdivision was named Sunnydale, a perfect place for families to settle down and start fresh. Its bright and welcoming atmosphere was perfect for relaxing and enjoying life. The second subdivision was dubbed Starland, a place full of adventure and excitement. Its sparkling night sky and endless possibilities made it the perfect place for the young and restless. 

The third subdivision was named Rosewood, a place of beauty and sophistication. Its lush gardens and tree-lined streets were the ideal place for couples and young professionals to call home. The fourth and final subdivision was Blue Haven, a place of tranquillity and peacefulness. The tranquility of its clear waterways and verdant woodlands makes it an ideal getaway from the stresses of urban life.

Each of these four subdivisions provided something special for the residents of Acorn Valley, offering them a wonderful place to call home.

High Flyer HeightsAnnandale
Blue Moon PlaceDeanwood
Meadow Crest ValleyLittle Haiti
Sunrise Park PlacePleasant Ridge
Serene Ridge EstatesSouthwest Germantown
Starlight MeadowsWashington Park
Silver Creek ValleyBruton
Glowing Green AcresDalston
Evergreen AcresStokes Croft
Oakleaf ParkAlicante

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Best Subdivision Names

Subdivision Names

The Smiths had just moved into their new home in the Rosewood subdivision. When they arrived, they were impressed with the wide streets, manicured lawns and well-kept homes. Everyone they met was friendly and welcoming. 

But what set the Rosewood subdivision apart was its unique and imaginative subdivision names. Each street was named after a beloved family member or a special place the Smiths had visited. Grandpa Joe Street, Grandma Sue Lane, Florida Avenue, and Paris Street were there. 

The Smiths couldn’t help but smile as they drove around the neighborhood, admiring the creative street names. The Rosewood subdivision was the perfect place to call home.

Here are some more names which you can grab 

Riverwood EstatesAvondale
Evergreen MeadowsDorchester
Parkview HeightsNorth Babylon
Harbor HeightsPoint Breeze
Forest RidgeSuffolk Square
Country CreekAncoats
Meadowview AcresChorlton
Hillcrest ValleyFinnieston
Valley View EstatesStroud Green,
The Oaks at ElmwoodAmbridge

Awesome Subdivision Names

The Smiths had recently moved to a new town and were looking for a place to call home. They heard about a new subdivision being built and decided to check it out. They were amazed at all the awesome subdivision names as they drove around. There were “Piney Woods”, “Mountain View”, and “Green Acres”.

They were so impressed with the names that they decided to purchase a lot in the “Lakeside Retreat” subdivision. They knew this was the perfect place to start their new life together.

SummerfieldsBelmont Gardens,
Starlight EstatesEast Riverside
Ivy HillsNorth Lamar
Paradise ValleyShawnee
Maple GroveSummerlin
Woodland HeightsBaltic Triangle
Emerald WoodsClapton
Whispering MeadowsJericho,
Oak ValleyWalthamstow
Sunrise ViewAnkh-Morpork

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Amazing Subdivision Names

Subdivision Names

The small town of Cedarville needed more ideas for naming its subdivisions. That is until a young boy named Billy had an amazing idea. Billy suggested that each subdivision be named after a unique, inspiring animal that could be found in the area. The townspeople quickly agreed, and the names of the subdivisions were quickly decided. 

The first subdivision was named Cougar’s Cove and featured rolling hills and a creek with a resident cougar family. The second subdivision was named Hawk Hideaway and featured a stunning view of the sky where the hawks flew. The third subdivision was named Fox Forest, which featured a densely wooded forest with plenty of foxes. The fourth subdivision was named Deer Meadow and featured a beautiful meadow full of grazing deer. 

The people of Cedarville were so excited by Billy’s idea that they decided to continue to use it for all new subdivisions. Billy was made an honorary citizen of Cedarville to recognize his amazing subdivision-naming suggestion.

Here are some more Subdivision Names which had explored by them:

Windfall MeadowsBriarwood
Emerald Valley EstatesJordan
Sunrise HeightsPawtuckett
Oak Grove ParkSouth Oceanside
Riverbend AcresVistancia
Winter Bluff EstatesBishy Road
Maplewood FarmsCliftonville
Crystal Brook EstatesShoreditch
Meadowview EstatesWest End
Starlight CliffsBasin City

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You May Also Search

1. Why is it so important to name subdivisions?

Your subdivision’s name is your community’s advertising name, so it’s for more than just practical reasons. Consequently, it’s important that the name you choose for your subdivision accurately portrays the area and serves as an effective marketing tool.

2. Name your subdivision with these tips.

Consider the following while brainstorming a suitable name for the new neighborhood:

  • A description of the neighborhood where your house is situated (and what surrounds it)
  • Which demographic it’s aimed towards
  • Who they are: your rivals

3. What makes them so appealing? 

Subdivisions often have appealing names because they evoke a sense of community, familiarity, and nostalgia. Names can be based on a location, such as a nearby river or street, or a combination of words that reflect the area’s unique characteristics. 

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