599+ Most Sensuous Strip Club Name Ideas

If you are considering starting a strip club, you probably have a great, lucrative business plan running through your head. Because trust me, you are about to serve the visits of elite customers with delectable appetizers, who don’t miss out on the fun of watching seductive beauties setting the fire on stage

But, the success of the strip club business comes with a plethora of responsibilities. So man-up and start with the basics of naming your sensuous strip club which is about to become a favourite place for many.

40 Best Strip Club Business Names

Depending on the concept of your club, factors like sexy serving women or men. Stunning finger foods to chow down on an elegant decor to enjoy while viewing heavenly beauty in all its majesty.

  • SecretSquare Club
  • The Afterlife Strip Club
  • The Greasy Spoon
  • PurpleMate Strip Club
  • Pink Paradise
  • Cityspike Strip Club
  • Rockstar Strip Club
  • Dice Bar & Strip Club
  • Appleton Strip Club
  • Mystic Strip Club
  • Mixed Bag Strip Club
  • Paradise Strip Club
  • Mari Gold Club
  • Big Beer Brothers Stripers
  • Kiss N’ Ride Strip Club
  • Club Crush Strip Club
  • Prestige Strip Club
  • Dance Mecca
  • Heavy Metal Tavern
  • Palm Arms Strip Club
  • Alphaberry Strip Club
  • Tropical Strip Club Coast
  • Wave Strip Club
  • Bass Strip Club Bumpers
  • Big Fun City Strip Club
  • Edge Strip Club
  • Scruze Mate Strip Club
  • Traction Control
  • Fuzzy Peach Club
  • Red Daisy Strip Club
  • The Tripod Strip Club
  • Sweet Martini Lounge
  • Dark Strip Club Paradise
  • Lusty Strip Club
  • Blue Angel Strip Club
  • Apparel Strip Club
  • Club Entourage Strip Club
  • YellowWood Strip Club
  • Kingsman Strip Club
  • Nite Club Strip Club
Best strip club names

Here are some of the top name choices for you if you’re trying to open one of the best strip clubs:

Best Korean Usernames

Moon-Venus WorldHeaven Door Strippers WorldGreyUrbener clubStrip Goddess
PentaCard Strip ClubCrimson CrewCappaCaleBest Champion
Bridge ScarletMazentaStrip ClubMagma Mood Strippers DenClubegy
golden move Strip ClubWinningThrillPixelMate ClubClublia
BridgeStriveOz Gentlemen’s ClubScores Gentlemen’s Club & BarClub Mystic
WhiteCoast clubLas Vegas Strip Club ReservationsClub Remarkable
MysticMerryBest AdmireClub TempleStrip Elysian
Strip ZephyrClub PavilionStriparcStrip Admire
Best KingdomClub MillionNames PavilionStrip Masterclass
Strip AffluenceNames MysticClub SinBest Dynasty
Strip InteractStrip XanaduStrip CloudClub Nirvana
Best RareClub areNames BismuthNam works
Best MajesticClub UtopiaBest RegentClubocity
Club OasisNames FineNames RemarkableBest Attract
StripvioBestNames StallionNames Misfit
Club ZionStrip PharaohClubsStrip Diamond
ClubologyBelgiumClub TigerNamibia
Names AbleNumismaticStrip FrequencyClub Attract
Best LegendaryNames RubyStrip OmegaBest Pharaoh
Club InfamousNames GloryBest EmpireNames Ablaze
NameClub FineStripaholicNames Attract
Strip ImperialNames EverlastStripverseNames Cloud
Names InfamousClub EmeraldClub PrimedStrip Dynasty
Club LanewayClub OpalNames PlaygroundStrip Cleopatra
Best AtlantisStrip QueenStriponusBestia

Most Amazing Male Strip Club Names

When people hear the word ‘’strippers’’ or ‘’strip clubs’’ they often associate it with ‘’female’’.

Catchy Grunge Usernames Ideas

Opening a male strip club may be the greatest idea if you want to attract a specific audience, such as homosexual men or single women.

The Most Amazing Male Strip Club Names

Let’s look at some potential names for the top male strip clubs:

Oz Gentlemen’s ClubStrip ObsidianStrip OasisMilestone Male
4play strip clubClub RichnessClub LeopardClass Names
Kingsman strip club4play strip clubAvon buddy strip clubName
Strip AtlantisClub JadeClub AtlantisCleopatra Club
Strip MasterclassClub PlaygroundStrip InvasionMajesty Names
Milestone MaleMaleomaticSoundwave ClubLazarus Names
Class NamesJumpstart MaleCrowd ClubMaleorzo
NancyAdmire MaleStripsDiamond Names
Cleopatra ClubRiot GamesLucid StripAmber Names
Majesty NamesName cityClubopolisPlatinum Club
Lazarus NamesClutch NamesArcadia ClubAblaze Strip
MaleorzoCrystal MaleBeryl MaleMystic Strip
Diamond NamesDynasty ClubMalleableMajesty Strip
Amber NamesStripcogName cityKeystone Strip
Platinum ClubStallion StripClutch NamesIconic Club
Ablaze StripClub areCrystal MaleInteract Strip
Mystic StripAmber StripDynasty ClubDreamworld Strip
Majesty StripNameStripcogLegendary Club
Keystone StripAffluence StripStallion StripFascination Names
Iconic ClubNamlazaClub areJaguar Strip
Interact StripEncore ClubAmber StripMaleomatic
Dreamworld StripClubsNameJumpstart Male
Legendary ClubMajestic MaleAffluence StripAdmire Male
Fascination NamesClubadilNamlazaRiot Games
Jaguar StripSoundwave MaleEncore ClubMariology

Clever Strip Club Name Ideas

Opening a strip club is no cakewalk. You will have to name it in a really clever way so that you attract a lot of customers to see the show that you will be putting on a daily basis, or maybe on the weekend.

Clever Strip Club Name Ideas

The place must sound classy and yet be able to convey that it is a place to see the most amazing strip dance. Maybe get a lap dance if you pay extra (wink!)! Some clever strip club naming suggestions are;

The Landing StripStrip HorizonThe great Alaska Bush ClubNamelux
Plan BClub LegendaryVolcanic EruptionsEverlast Club
Leave it to BeaversClub GarnetStrive vibeEnjoy Name
Strip GrandeClub GoldJuicy Lucy’s strip clubPlatinum Club
Strip MajorClub Pegasus Strippers HubClub CollaborateEnjoy Strip
Strip OmegaClub EverlastStrip TempleMajestic Club
Strip ClassThe naked teaseClub SerendipitySapphire Strip
Club ZephyrStrip LegendaryTease BeatBabylon Strip
Legendary StripClutch NameFantasticCleveradora
Majestic NameElysian CleverLeopard StripeEternal Name
Regency NameSplendour CleverTiger ClubRuby Name
ClubegyRiot CleverSoundwave StripObsidian Name
Garnet ClubClub deckEntice CleverMajestic Clever
Sphynx NameClubPavilion CleverExquisite Name
CleverdeckBabylon CleverAffluence NameCloud Clever
Imperial NameEnvision ClubVIP NameEnvision Clever
Exquisite CleverCleverellaNamehutStripoont
Admire StripNamearoLucid ClubInsignia Name
Majesty CleverImperial StripPavilion ClubSoundwave Name
ClubgenicsExtravagant CleverDome ClubOmega Club
StripverseExquisite StripNamenInfamous Club
Horizon CleverClass CleverNameonusLavish Clever
Champion ClubNirvana CleverMatrix ClubMystic Strip
Majestic NameRiot NameKeystone StripRichness Club
Tiger StripeCleveriumRichness CleverRemarkable Name

Female Strip Club Names

We cant be writing an article on stripping, strippers and strip clubs, and exclude naming suggestions on naming suggestions on female strip clubs. We mean, that’s where the major hustle is. The curved-bodied beauties with soft and supple skin showing their assets are all most people want to see.

Strip Club Name

Here are some of the suggestions for the best stripping club naming ideas for females;

Strip BytesStrip ConnectStrip CygenChampion Club
Strip CrossoverBonkers SaloonStrip AlphaEmbrace Strip
Strip CentricStrip AnywhereClub CatalystMillion Strip
Strip ChoiceStrip HexStrip CygenRichness Names
Strip AegisStrip HexClub RichnessSugar Female
Strip CentStrip AquaStrip AegisApparel Names
Strip CreatorsShipping BeautyStripper AmazeApplique Strip
Strip BrieCertification StripperLove the DenCelestial Strip
Aesthetics NamesAmore ClubCelestial StripHera Strip
Plush NamesLax FemaleHera StripDuchess Female
Wanderlust FemaleObsidian NamesDuchess FemaleLilac Female
Champion ClubClio ClubLilac FemaleRaven Names
Embrace StripFemaleologyRaven NamesTrend Female
Million StripObsidian FemaleTrend FemaleSplendorous Female
Richness NamesUrbane FemaleSplendorous FemaleAmore Club
Sugar FemaleAesthetics NamesAmore ClubLax Female
Apparel NamesPlush NamesLax FemaleObsidian Names
Applique StripWanderlust FemaleObsidian NamesClio Club
Celestial StripChampion ClubClio ClubFemaleology
Hera StripEmbrace StripFemaleologyObsidian Female
Duchess FemaleMillion StripObsidian FemaleUrbane Female
Lilac FemaleRichness NamesUrbane FemalePrince Female
Raven NamesSugar FemaleAesthetics NamesConventional Names
Trend FemaleApparel NamesPlush NamesNomad Strip
Splendorous FemaleApplique StripWanderlust FemaleEsthetic Names

Funny Strip Club Names

Two of the best things in life are laughter and pleasure. What if you can serve both in one place? If you come up with an innovative strip club theme idea that can dish both laughter and the pleasure of watching a striptease, then that would be something wonderful.

Motivational And Inspiring Team Names

Funny Strip Club Names

But for that to happen, you will need a funny strip club naming idea that will increase the pool of customers. The name must be funny, and witty and yet convey what the place is about at the same time.

Six lane clubWing doms strip clubClub CatalystMisfits Club
Strip TempleStrip ClutchStrip RiotMatrix Names
Strip EnticeStrip GoddessCircle FemaleRiot Games
Strip ExtravagantStrip PavilionVenom ClubClub Club
Club PorcelainFat Chubby Strippers ClubAttractive FemaleAnon Female
Strip SoundwaveClub MashedAnti ClubCleopatra Strip
Club GrandeEsthetic FemaleDarling NamesSlay Club
Mari gold strip clubOrchid FemaleClubLuxe Strip
Smarter strip clubFemaleRevive FemaleFlawless Club
Famosa strip clubAquarius NamesClio NamesHarp Strip
Donna StripAgeless StripNameFlaunt Strip
Lustrous FemaleNexus ClubPlumping FemaleKnockout Strip
Stella FemaleEnhancer FemaleClassy ClubExalted Strip
Cheetah FemaleCleopatra NamesCelestial StripParadise Club
Illusion NamesSerendipity FemaleVille FemalePlush Names
Colourway ClubImpeccable FemaleFemaleazaCrooks Strip
Seductress NamesEnrich FemaleOcean FemaleSerenity Club
Dove ClubHackel StripQueen ClubCastaway Names
Clear NamesAttractor StripVixen NamesTinted Strip
Bismuth StripFeminine ClubKeep StripStyle Female
Impulse StripMesmeric FemaleLooker ClubAquarius Club
Angora FemaleSoundwave ClubHype ClubAdmire Club
Darling ClubBuxom ClubPrestige FemaleIllusion Female
Luxuriate ClubAdmire ClubStripyVisage Strip
Modish ClubMajesty ClubStripbiaQuaint Female

What Are The Characteristics Of  A Good Strip Club?

If you are opening a strip club and looking for names, names, then you can keep the following things in mind. Because a business is not only run by its names. There have to be other factors that satiate the customers.

  • The strip club should have the sexiest strippers
  • The strippers should have good assets
  • The décor should be classy
  • The lighting of the strip club should be appropriate
  • The food should be such that lets the customers pay attention to the strippers, and yet not be tasteless
  • Drinks must be there
  • The pricing of food and drinks should be reasonable.

Male Stripper Name Generator

Perhaps you are unaware that strippers frequently conduct business under a different name than their given name. They frequently come up with sensual titles that can conjure up images for strip club patrons when they hear them.

Unique Marvelous DJ Name Ideas

Male Stripper Name Generator

You can use a strip club name generator to generate the best ideas if you plan on becoming a stripper. Alternatively, consider the top recommendation:

Hot KarlHandsome HunkMacho MusclesOperator Male
Zack Propeller Sack AttackKurt StoneDarren ManlyLean Stripper
Max AssmasterRico DixonDick BanhammerGeneratorfluent
General HardonKane AxelrodRoman PeckerProgrammatic Name
Path StripperCitadel NameClutch GeneratorMegalopolis
Lighthouse GeneratorOmega NameDynamics NameVelocity Name
Mega StripperGeneratorluxAlt MaleOperation Male
Cubed GeneratorPath StripperCitadel NameMaleadil
Catalyst StripperLighthouse GeneratorOmega NameControl Name
Cypher NameMega StripperGeneratorluxPivot Name
Lock StripperCubed GeneratorProvision StripperNixon Name
Integration NameCatalyst StripperNest GeneratorGeneratorocity
Bridgeway NameCyber NameCloud MaleFuel Generator
Continuum MaleLock StripperMaleonusArclight Male
Key StripperIntegration NameMalesGeneratorporium
Dynamite NameBridgeway NameModular MalePivot Male
Cookie GeneratorContinuum MaleConnect MaleFramework Name
Port MaleKey StripperGeneratoristicEnigma Stripper
Craftsman MaleDynamite NameArch NameGeneratorzoid
NamelazaCookie GeneratorGeneratorMalelux
Clutch MalePort MaleForm StripperEvolve Male
Optimize GeneratorCraftsman MaleAscend GeneratorIconic Name
Clutch GeneratorNamelazaDynamics GeneratorGenerator
Dynamics NameClutch MaleGeneratorqueCapacity Stripper
Alt MaleOptimize GeneratorLoader StripperWare Male

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Name A Strip Club? 

  • The strip club name should sound sensuous
  • It should appeal to the potential customers
  • The club name must be unique in nature
  • It name might sound specific about the demographic it wants to attract

What Are The Top 10 Strip Clubs In America

If you if are an American, then here is the good news, you are currently in a hub where the best strip clubs in the world are. You must have gone to a few strip clubs till now. 

But want to know where all the hustle is, then here are the names of the top 10 strip clubs in America: 

  • 4 Play Gentlemen’s Club: West Los A
  • Clubhouse: Dallas 
  • Mary’s Club: Portland
  • Lollipops Gentleman’s Club: Daytona Beach,
  • The Penthouse Club: Sauget
  • Scores: New York City
  • Penthouse Executive Club: New York City
  • Sam’s Hofbrau: Los Angeles
  • Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club: Las Vegas
  • Spearmint Rhino: Las Vegas

5 Most important Strip Club Etiquettes

If you are in London, stay like a Londoner. And if you are in a strip club, then you better be in the place at the moment and follow certain unwritten etiquettes. 

Here are some of the strip club etiquettes for you: 

  • Never Get distracted. Give the stripper all your attention.
  • Taking selfies with the strippers is frowned upon
  • The stripper is a professional. Put your mouse in the house (you know what we mean!)
  • Tip my darling, tip the stripper all you can
  • Picking money off the floor or anywhere else is simply not done. They are meant for the stripper, so keep your hands off the currency that’s meant for them. 

Which Places Have The Most Strip Clubs? 

If you want to experience the best of the best striptease, then the strip club heaven for you is Portland, Oregon. However, there are a number of these clubs in New York City. There are also some of the most amazing stripteases going on in the one and only Vegas, Nevada as well. 

So, the three most hot and happening places that can be crowned the strip heaven are;

  • Portland
  • New York City
  • Las Vegas

We hope the name suggestions were helpful to you. You might want to go with something raunchy, well, it might work in some locales but mostly, it is best to use a classy stripper club name. No matter what you do, our good wishes remain with you.

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