111+ Creative Roller Coaster Names That Are Breath-Taking

Roller coasters were my favorite ride as a kid. I remember visiting every carnival in the town just to spend some quality time on these coasters. Thus, when my childhood friend called me a few years ago telling me he is planning on opening a theme park, my first question was “Will it have a roller coaster?” Fortunately, he said yes, and not only that, he asked me to pick a name for the ride!

Oh, I was thrilled! I began researching the best names for the ride ever listed and came across some great options. I wanted the name to be as thrilling as the experience. Roller coasters are tall structures and each bent presents the passengers with a new thrill.

So, naturally, I wanted to pick up a name that would do justice to this amazing rise. Some of the top options I came across are The Fall, The Kraken, Depth of belief, and so on.

After a year of thorough research, we finally named the roller coaster Skyfall. However, I don’t want extensive research to go to waste. In this article, you will find many historical roller coaster names along with roller coaster names for children that are fun and cool.

Tallest Roller Coaster Names

Roller coaster names

Theme parks are experimenting with the height of their roller coasters and expanding their park size. Tall roller coasters have become a trend and soon will be seen in every amusement park. Keeping this new trend in mind, I picked out the best roller coaster names for tall er coasters. 

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Roller Coaster Names For Children

My friend’s amusement park was to have two roller coasters, one for adults and another for children. Surprisingly both adults and kids enjoy this ride, however, it’s not safe for children to rise the tall and more daring roller coasters. Thus we introduced a short roller coaster ride, especially for kids, and again I was tasked to identify an ideal name. The following are a few names we shortlisted. 


Ideas For Roller Coaster Names

Roller coaster names

While looking for the best roller coaster names, I had many amazing ideas. I decided to keep their notes in one place so I could refer to them again when I needed to. Over my one-year research, the list got pretty big and the ideas were amazing. 

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Historical Roller Coaster Names

Deriving an ideal name for my friend’s theme park roller coaster was more than just looking at cool roller coaster names for inspiration. I took the research a notch up and looked for the top historical roller coasters’ names.

I found out that American Thunder, Big Dipper, Steel Vengeance, Mako, Phoenix, Fury 325, Intimidator 305, Lightning Rod, Phantom’s Revenge, and Montu are the top popular roller coasters. The list below includes more such historical roller coasters. 

ThunderboltAmerican ThunderCoil of Beginnings
PhoenixBatman The RideCoaster of Shadows
Rutschebanen.Giant DipperEdge of Eternity
Scenic RailwayJack RabbitTower of Science
Coney Island CycloneBig DipperThe Flock Wheel
Freedom ExpeditionBoulder DashThe Throne Diver
The Jumbo LoopMegafobiaThe Monster Obelisk
Diver of FortuneShivering TimbersThe Basin
Manor of FlameThe Haunted MansionThe Dynamic Coil
Ride of TwistsTilt-A-WhirThe Dynamic Rider

Fastest Roller Coaster Names

Roller coasters are fun rides and the faster ones are always more popular. Though most roller coaster rides are pretty fast, some are faster than others. I wanted the name we select for the roller coasters to depict its speed. The name had to be something that can be instantly related to the velocity of the ride. I shortlisted the options mentioned below. 

Expedition of SmilesThe Zephyr CoasterAmerican Eagle
The Enchanting SpireThe Island WheelColossos-Kampf Der Giganten
Shock TumbleBoat of DeathDo-Dodonpa
The Merry TumbleWheel of ThunderEl Toro
The Ethereal WheelPlunge of ParadiseFormula Rossa
Spire of WishesThe Hungry TowerFury 325
Lightning RacerHall of SillinessGoliath
Lightning RodThe Forsaken RapidsKingda Ka
Superman the RideThe Nightmare SlideLeviathan

Famous Roller Coaster Names

Roller coaster names

Often, famous things inspire naming. I too took that road while trying to come up with cool roller coaster names for my friend’s amusement park jor ride. After researching a lot I came across these famous names. 

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