110+ Cool, Clever & Notorious Hacker Names

My brother has always been great with computers. From a very early age, he liked high-tech programming. Thus it came to us as no surprise that he chose to study coding after finishing college. However, one day he came to us and proclaimed that he wants to be a white hacker. 

Though initially, shocked after basic research we found out that white hackers are a category of hackers that helped businesses and governments detect and stop other rogue activities. Following his passion, my brother entered many hackathons and won most of them. He also started getting hired by small companies for his service. Overall, his dream was becoming a reality. 

But to extend his reach and let people know about his profession, it was important to create a killer Instagram handle for him with the right Hacker Name. Thus we began searching for some inspirational Hacker Names that would be cool, and smart, and help people identify my brother and learn more about his jobs. We liked many names like Rain Rafe, Swamp Stomper, and Hoax, but we wanted something unique. Finally, after much deliberation, we identified one name we liked. 

Since we put much work into discovering all of these names, we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. So here is an exhaustive list of Hacker Names inspired by movies, books, series, and real-life hackers to serve as inspiration. 

Hacking Names From Movies 

Hackers have been featured in many movies. Sometimes they are portrayed as the good guys and sometimes as the bad, but they have some cool names. 

Adrian LamoBren,
BenjaminEdward Snowden
Davey OsborneFredrick ‘Warlock’ Claudius
Bristol,Caleb Smith

 Cool Hacker Names From Books 

Hacker Names

Besides movies, many books have portrayed the life of a hacker or talked about the hacking culture. Thus you can find many Hacker Names in such books. 

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Bete O’ RourkeAlif
Zach BoschEmika
Nick HaflingeRandy Waterhouse

Famous Hacker Names 

There are hackers in real life and many of them are famous either for their work or for the cybersecurity measures they have taken for their community. You can also get some good Hacker Names inspiration from such people.

Albert GonsalvezAdrian Lamo
Gary McKinnonAstra
Gini RomeltyBrian Krebs
Jeanson James AnchetaCharlie Alfred Miller
John McAfeeDan Kaminsky
Jonathan JamesEugene Kaspersky

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Names For Hackers From TV Series

If you are a fan of the popular TV series, you will find some unique Hacker Names there too. Some of the best ones are: 

Abigail SciutoRaven Ramizez
Cisco RamonSeymour Birkoff
Elliot AldersonBryce Lynch
Harold FinchBertram Gilfoyle
Alex HardisonChuck Bartowski
Timothy McGeeAram Mojtabai

Hacker Group Names

Hacker Names

If you want a name for your Hacker group, we have a few choices available: 

PhoenixMichael Calce

FAQS Related to Hacker Names

Q. Who is the best hacker I?

There is no single “best” hacker. Many people have different skills, interests, and specialties, so the answer depends on your particular needs. For example, some hackers find security vulnerabilities, while others specialize in developing software applications. Ultimately, the best hacker for you will depend on your specific needs.

Q. What’s a name for a hacker?

Hacker uses their technical knowledge to gain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks. They can also be called crackers, cybercriminals, or black hat hackers. Some people use the term “white hat hacker” to describe ethical hackers, while others prefer “security consultant” or “security analyst.”

  • Cyber-warrior, 
  • Hacker, Cracker, 
  • White Hat, 
  • Grey Hat, 
  • Script Kiddie, 
  • Phreaker.

Q. What usernames do hackers love?

Hackers often utilize user names that mix letters and numbers, such as “123456” or “qwerty.” Additionally, they may utilize user names that reference hacker culture, such as “hacker man” or “h4x0r.” Common login identities used by cybercriminals include “admin,” “root,” “default,” “guest,” “system,” “test,” and “administrator.”

Q. What are names for ethical hackers?

  • White Hat Hacker 
  • Cyber Security Expert 
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Cyber Forensics Analyst 
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Security Consultant
  • Cyber Criminologist
  • Security Researcher
  • Risk Analyst

Q. Who is India’s No 1 hacker?

Ankit Fadia, India’s #1 hacker, calls himself an “Ethical Hacker.” Computer security and ethical hacking are the subjects of his works. He’s also led lectures and workshops on the same themes. Fadia Cyber Security Solutions, a cyber security business, was founded by him.Attrition.org placed him on their Security Charlatans list, casting doubt on his marketing claims. His work has been plagiarised. Many periodicals have questioned his hacking accusations.

Q. Who is the God of hackers?

American computer security expert, author, and convicted hacker Kevin David Mitnick is the God of hackers. His 1995 arrest and five-year sentence for computer and communications offenses made him famous. “World’s Most Famous Hacker” describes him. He manages Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC. He is KnowBe4’s Chief Hacking Officer, part owner[8], and an active advisory board member at Zimperium, a mobile intrusion prevention system developer.

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