60+ Cool & Imaginary Fictional City Names

My son got a project related to a fictional city. He did very hard work to prepare animated slides of fictional city. Everything was amazing but he was unable to name that city so asked for my help. I knew a few fictional cities names along with that I searched various sources and shortlisted a few to help him. Few of the fictional city names I liked the most along with a few that I have created were the New Chestnut, Eldham, White Town, Wavemeet, Hirtas Villas, Old Babbler, and Cromer.

Story writing is a really fun thing to do! I always had the love to write my own stories and then read them out to everyone. Recently, people have encouraged me to write more by starting a personal blog and I seemed to like that idea. One of the most intriguing features of my stories is the characters’ names and I tend to focus a lot to decide and land on the correct name!

This time, I needed some good fictional city names for the next stories and while I was searching for them, I saw how many possibilities were there hence, I made a lot of lists so that you guys could also get some benefit out of it! If you are also a writer seeking some fictional city or village names, you’ve come to the right place! 

Cool And Catchy Fictional City Names

If you want readers to read your stories with due diligence, it’s very vital to have some catchy names, so that you can grab the reader’s attention on the first line itself. I  have written a lot of stories and according to my survey, people love when names are cool and have a chill vibe. So, I wanted to give the city in my one story a cool name so that it can be known as a town where everyone is happy and lives a cherishing and prosperous life!

Hence, I started looking for some cool and catchy city names and found some really good ones like ‘Little Leisl’, ‘Rose Hills’, ‘Elderville’ and many more! I made a whole list to consider later, you guys can also have a look if you want to portray and cool fictional city in your story: 

Fredrik TownSouthwold
Franklin TownOld Tiles
Shae TownHarper’s Hill
Blog VillageShepshed
Glimmer TownTreacle Town
Tazz TownFall Tree City
York TownGreat Xenos
Blue FieldHythe

Unique And Amazing Fictional City Names

Fictional City Names

Although I loved the above findings, I had second thoughts. These names are really good,  but they kind of look general, and this time, I was looking for something more unique. Using standard city names would just end up making your story look like everyone else’s and I wanted mine to stand out from the rest.

Hence, I focused more on details like the city of rich or poor. Is it bright or dull? Is it a happy or sad place to live in? After deciding on this, I customized the name accordingly my little mixing up of several names to come up with the right one.

Sanguine TownFetish
FarrahvilleWide Grove Town
Summer TownAngra grove
Sky SquareLouisville
Old Town SycamoreMatlock
WellspringNorth Tralsagh
Forcas TownHaling Cove
GarrigillSmew Town

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Small Town Name Ideas

While the city name was now decided, I now needed some ideas on small-town names. If you have seen some famous tv series in the contemporary world, you must know people’s obsession with stories regarding a small town.

People love when stories about people of small towns and every single drama are to protect their small town. But when picking a small town name, it’s crucial to keep it brief and only have one or two syllables like ‘Woodspine’, ‘Lancaster’, or ‘Kirkwall’.

Here are some more options that I considered to finalize my small town name:

New ChestnutQuinn VillageTryxon Village
SaevilleOld PyroKharthas Village
Great XendosOld Town DesbergLady Krea Village
Tryx TownBird ValleyWahftar Town
Hirtas VillasPlum ParadiseFrandlyn Village
New GrasslandsBlurg VillageGrytt Village

Made-Up City Names

Fictional City Names

My story required that I create a fantasy setting town based on the wants and needs of the main character. Therefore, I was in need of some made-up names for cities. The fictitious place names with a hint of a foreign flair are, in my opinion, the most interesting. It makes no difference even if the pronunciation of the name is wrong.

Sunny VillePenketh
Slahthar VillageJongvale
Town KikoQuinn Town
Old Ghouls’ TownWide Grove Town
Country-sideAngra Town
Old Wood SquareLouisville

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Creepy Fictional City Names

Now, I wanted some genre-specific city names, like a name for some creepy city. Well, all in mind was how to name a city famous for murders and crime scenes, haunted at night and nothing but despair and gloominess in the day, and you perceive nothing but negative vibes by the name itself!

I did some research and found names that creeped me out like ‘Scary Valley’, ‘Gloomhaunt’ etc. Check all of them out: 


Futuristic City Names

Fictional City Names

Lastly, to show a parallel side to this creepy city, I needed to portray a futuristic city, one where optimism grows and success strives. For this, I focused on where my entire story was based,i.e. England.

Then, I looked at the map and became familiar with the names of the cities and towns. After that, I tried to think of a name that sounds similar and came up with such fantastic names! I compiled a list of them, here it is: 

Sunnydale, Calif.New Vegas
MetropolisSouth Park, Colo.
Dark CityLondon Below
VenusvilleHill Valley, Calif.
HoustatlantavegasSilent Hill

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