799+Unique Marvelous DJ Name Ideas

Dj Names Ideas

DJ Name Ideas So have you finally decided to follow your passion! Hail your brace heart! But we must say DJing is a great career option nowadays. Are you passionate about music? Can you create a oblivion with your music to give people two carefree moments of their own?

DJing is the thing for you then. We have got many talented DJs over the last decade. And you must be different from others to get people to notice you.

Your DJ name is your first opportunity to grab attention. And you must wondering which name to go for or which name will work for you. Well, we have got your back here.

In this article we are going to assemble 50+ marvelous DJ name ideas. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump to the main content and explore the names we have got for you!

Funny DJ Name: Make People Laugh

Do you know Marshmallow? Of course you know. He is a great DJ of this decade! But have you noticed that name? Its funny right! Fun is a great way to make your mark noticeable in the music industry. But not all the humorous names are catchy! A name that evokes only belly laughter will only give negative publicity!

So you must use your wit. It is definitely a Gordian knot to cut especially if you have not thought about it before. But worrying won’t help you anyway. So let’s just not worry and look for some ideal funny DJ name together. We have listed down some such names below.

Funny DJ Name: Make People Laugh
Funny DJ Name: Make People Laugh
Baby DJSpin it Up!Get to the pointDJ Kung Fu
The RockstarBig WillieDJ PunkDJ Superman
DJXRun the Show!808 DJDJ Skribble
DJ Jazzy JeffDJ TonyAcoustic RageDJ Troubleshooting
DJ ApolloDJ MarthaMobile DJ ServiceDJ DVR
DJ Big MikeyTuff Scout GuyBackstage AudioDJ Colorblind
DJ StretchBoogie Down Bronx!Baby Got TrackThe Disco Diddler
DJ SmileyThe ProfessorBest Kept Secrets DJDJ Notorious
DJ HappyTear it up JacksonThe Show StopperWham Bam Sam
DJ KayteeDJ BlenderThe MastermindDJ Scratchy
DJ StarlightDJ BasementOne Hit WonderDJ Mix-o-matic
DJ SunlightBoom BoxThe CommanderDJ Please
David MichaelPlanet RockThe HighwaymanDisco Dave
DJ JamonKool KatThe RenegadeDJ Afterthought
DJ JazzezHitmanFree SpiritDJ Analog
DJ BeastmodeDr. MixerDJ FreedomDJ Awkward Silence
The DJ ProQ-bertDJ GhostDJ Ball Breaker
DJ Shadow SkillzDJ JamminDJ DizzleDJ Bangerz
Baby JHip Hop the DJDJ MontayDJ Organizer
Aries DJDarudeDJ JamsDJ Eight
Cool One DJDJ AirwolfDJ PinchDJ Prodigy
Dark Sparklz DJDJ BasilDJ CrackheadDJ Cadence
Darth Sidious DJAgent OrangeDJ Wizard18DJ Abracadabra
Evil Genius DJAirwaveDJ MagneticDJ Digital Dirt
DeadmauAudio HoundAll Night Long DJDJ Freaky Trigger

Girl DJ Name: Be the Empress of Your Own Empire

It takes a lot to chase your dream. If you have chosen an unconventional way it is harder. And when you are a girl you must make yourself bleed to unchain your muse from the age old manacles of society.

But all these have a plus point about themselves too. We will have many eyes on you, be it encouraging or be it criticizing. So change all the odds into opportunities and surprise the world with your talent.

Dj Names Ideas
Girl DJ Name Be the Empress of Your Own Empire

A great name will help you here. Stand unique and tell your side of tale with your DJ name. The world will notice you for sure.

Here we have got you plenty of DJ names the world that have cool vibes. Look at the names below in the table to know how an astounding DJ name must sound like.

OutKastBananaramaCircuit BreakerDJ Game On
DJ HypeThe DJDancefloor DestructionDJ Hit Parade
RippinDJ BlackFunkmaster FlexAge of DJ
DJ AutomatikDJ NexusDJ GravityDJ 100
DJ ApolloDJ CosmicJust Audio (J.A.)Mad Maxx
DJ Jazzy JeffDJ DiscoDJ TrebleBasehead King
DJ Fresh PrinceDJ SparkDJ SparklesMillion Dollar DJ
DJ Rusty CageDJ DooDJ SurpriseRadioactive DJ
Mad DoggDJ VibeDJ DecibelsRocker Boy
Mix and matchNightmanDJ VolumeFunk Daddy
DJ StarskyDJ SkullDJ FlashbackFlava Fusion
DJ Rocket ????DJ NinjaDJ TempoDJ Cure
Thumbs Up DJDJ AcetoneDJ TwistShade
Skull DJ ????DJ Acoustic RockBeetle Juice DJExtra Bass
Chillin DJDJ ChameleonBig Bada Boom DJHigh Energy
DJ MindrakerDJ MagicFabzMatching Numbers
Double BMystifyDJ BoomboyOn Fire
DJ MoondustThe Abyss DJ ElevationParty Time
DJ Galaxy ????DJ Diamond ????DJ ToasterElectrix
Ziggy PhaseDouse DJKingz KonnectionzSoulshaker
ZipperHeadDramatic DJDJ StormTryx
DJ ArrowDrag DJDJ CosmopolitanTraxx
DJ AviatorDeadly DJDJ MegawattPowertrip
DJ BatmannDefault DJDJ Mad GeniusWizdom
BaydanceDemo DadDJ Boom BoomX Factor

DJ Name Ideas for Girl: Know a Bit More about You

Do you know the secret to shine in any field of career? It’s your love and support and belief for yourself. So, do you believe that one day you will be the queen of this industry? Let your DJ name sound like it.

Allow it to reflect your confidence. Also pick up a name that conveys your character right.

Dj Names Ideas
DJ Name Ideas for Girl Know a Bit More about You

We know it is really tough especially when you don’t have any prior experience, but never impossible. Take your time and think what you will love to be noticed for.

Do you want to be funny and sweet? Or you will love people to call you cool and sexy? Pick up a name in accordance with your choice. We have got the best examples of each type exclusively for you. Just have a look at the list below.

BazAuto DJDJ AudiophileZenith
BazzoBeat MixerThe Wizard of RemixesSaucebeatz
BazzaDisco DanDJ Big DaddyBroken Beats
BeeberDisco DannyDJ FlashCrunk It
BenderDisco DelightBoogalooGee Gee Green (Green DJ)
BendermanDisco DuckDJ AnonymousDJ Kool
BendermaniaDisco Funk2FaceDJ Phantom
Bear BeerDisco King ????Ace CatDJ Eazy-E
BenjyDJ Darth VaderAlphaDJ Pimp Daddy
BerryDJ StretchOmegaBig Beat
BlessDJ House PartyBananazBig Clunk
BluebeltDJ IcemanBlackoutBlast Boomer
BoomDJ Uptown FunkDJ MCGenX
DJ ZZDJ Mellow JazzDrama KoolGroove
2nd LifeDJ Rockin’ RingoDJ Bad BoyMagnitude
After Party DJDJ ArmstrongMr. Spliff SoulMix Master
DJ Fresh PrinceDJ AtomYoung AntlersOctane P
Mashup MonstersDJ BaconNext LevelRockslide
The Entertainment GuruDJ BatmanNice GuySonic
DJ LegendGangstas ParadiseClassic High FiveThe Groove Essentials
The Ladies ManThe Beat BoxBlastin’Gold-Star DJs
The Party StarterRapid FireRockyVictory
The Music PrinceClassic CoolB.BrennanDj ThunderVoice
Raise the BarLove & BassDJ MixBeat This
I Rock the CrowdIn Good HandsFirst-Dance DJsFlynn

DJ Name Sound Maker: Create a Noise

Your taste of music tells a lot about your personality. And when you are a DJ your name will people what kind of music you are going to entertain them with.

So if you want to be surrounded with right kind of gazes, let your DJ name shout out your features. Let it tell the world what makes you different from others. Only then you will be able to be the center of attention.

We can help you to brand your music. We have assembled the DJ names for you that have a cooler ring about themselves.  Hit the right beat with these names we have got for you in the list below.

Dj Names Ideas
DJ Name Ideas
King of the NightclubsDJ Timmy TOceanTraveling Mixtapes
Musical GeniusDJ JazzDJ DubaliciousDJ Be Live
Delusions of GrandeurJamal JonesTechno BeatsDJ Diss-spinner
Era-DefiningAdam & Eve – DJ duoRetro SpinsAccess DJs
Feel Good MusicDJ KicksPump-Up PartiesStarz Entertainment
Frequency ModulatedDJ GenesisThe Audio AnarchistAudioMagik
RamperoDJ ShadowTruGoodBass Beaterz
DJ TempestDJ Trent5Volume XXXVioWin
MidnightDJ VinylDJ Bass BadgerPlatinum Entertainment
Dj Prono bearDJ SubwooferElectrixBalanced Act
GuiseppesDJ CloneDunkaroosBrownDegree
Sounds & SmilesDJ SlowhandCoolMynkFlySHit
EvilKissDJ AmigoCromonSouthern Style Entertainment
Dj GlorraDJ MumbleDJ LegendBoxDJ Smorgasbord
MaxMusicDJ Space-BoyD-SireCortez DJ
Dj DryCrewDJ BurnieJust Rights Dj SoulWire
Music Masters MobilizedDJ SkidValley DJ ServiceMystical Mixology
Dash EntertainmentCaptain JamDj BorrossoBlowout Beats
SpireSpiteDJ ShakeThe Moving MusicThe Beats Prodigy
TribeDesignated DJSounds Entertainment CompanyDisc Joy-keys
DJ KaputtDr. J QuackersDJ CobraSteel Fingers
NextAventeDJ DoodyHeadDJ MartixDJ Clamor
DJ ParagonDJ FreeflowMercyDynamic DJs
MindfieldDJ High VoltageAmp It UpDJ Phantasmusical
Dj iron BuddyDr. FunkensteinCaptain CrescendoSiellest

DJ Name Create: Use your wit

Creativity is always rewarded. And if you are a DJ, you have ingenuity in your blood. So count on your genius and imagination power to create a unique name.

Let your wand of  originality weave an out of box name for your DJ version. Have a look at the names of already famous DJs who are currently throbbing the world with their music. Their names can prove to be great inspirations for you.

And we are always here to keep your spirit high. We have brought together plenty of names which are unique. These names will make sure that your audience sneak a look at you.

And what more do you need.  Grab theses chance and make your place in their heart as well as playlists for ever and ever. Look at the list below.

Music MastersDJ GrooveriderPowered by 2 DJsDJ Musica
Boogie Entertainment DJ ServicesDJ ChemixDJ BrothersDJ Tresto
SassaDJ FinylLOOPSTRMusik Corporation
Beats That MoveThe MixmastersDJ RixMixMnemonic
HugoFillsGood Karma DJsRobbienLet’s Make a Memory
DJ Fader JockeyAtomsDj Poopie PualDJ Motion
DJ SoireeDubulousImpulseDJ Apex
ExistenceDJ Hooligan HenryDJ RavlonDJone
GetItRightDj RDBMC BeverlyAquatrix
DJ ParticleA True Family Affair DJ EntertainmentWe Dub Your ClubFR3SH
WunderKidApproachable DJDJ DreamerMad Den
Rhythm TitanGoldFoxDJ QuicksticksDJ Xenolith
DJ Miami ViceWicked DubsAce EntertainmentClivo
Kicking MixesThe Downtown Sound DJ ServiceTater TotsMusical Love Co.
DJ SoundsEye DiaDJ TapthebeatBuilding Beats
DJ RelentlessMy Party MusiciansDj Holy HangMasterfly
Music Machine EntertainmentMr MixalotNicolettaDj Tottori
MightyAll Digital Mobile Music DJsPointe DigitalFantom
DJ FracasDJ LimitlessStormexAdult Diaper
Martin WalkerBrass DJVirusClubbing 4 Real
LVproDJDJ rapid jackDj PixelBeatsBeat Inspector
DJ sl4shSweet SensationVenomDJ Minion
DJ Beat InspectorDJ PrimeA Good Time DJDJ Mellow Moods
Let’s BeatDJ FortunesPizzaioloHard Beats
DJ CourageAnarhiaDj KarmaDJ Mad Den

Techno DJ Names

You DJ name is the founding stone of your brand. It’s not only a name, rather it’s your signature, your first impression and your statement in the industry.

Your DJ name is your power house can make or mar you just at your first step. That’s why you need to be careful before you finalize anything.

Techno DJ Names
DJ Name Ideas

It can be hard to find a cool name that is not already claimed. So tell more about your through your name for it is your journey that differs you from the rest.

Hence let your audience know your version of the story to remember you, admire you and let you have one chance to impress them. We have got several name that reflects the music you are planning to play. Let theses names inspire you.

Dj OssmBoyDJ PulseDJ KilljoyDJ Switch
The Beat BoyArpeggio EventsStolen MomentsThe ClubMaster
DJ Eddie EchoDj DimentionGreatEagleSpartan
Locomotion DJ ProductionsCoCOboDJ CoolhandEnigma
DJ DivertidoDj BungyBroBumble BassMorella
DJ HeartbeatButler Events DJ ServicesAll Occasion DJSplingo
Best Music DJGlomoreThe Music GuysSong Dawg Productions
DJ Bumble BassDj CrystleWireTitaniumSounds of Music DJs
The Great Music Company DJsDj Liquid bangSights and Sound EventsQuestion Mark
All American DJ CompanyOpalSomething DJDJ Ballistic
AirtistryDj SkipperDj FropbloatTeenBoost
AmaziyaNumark123 DJ’sBig Hits DJ Entertainment
Dj SinsinityDJ Tempo2 Many DJsSeabright
DJ MotifDj CocoWashA Good Time DJPure Entertainment DJ
DreamerParty DevelopmentA Touch of ClassDJ You Know Who
NewBugDj SaladMintA True Family Affair DJ Entertainment
Good Times DJThe D’Jay Company Inc.A-2-Z Party DJ’sExpressway Music DJs Inc.
EdenEdeeDJ Zing ZombieAccess DJsEye Dia
Party Guys IncAll That Events DJ UpAce EntertainmentFirst Class Weddings
SolarixFuselink DJsAdult DiaperFree to be You and Me
Dj YorkbangThe Perfect MixAffordable Disc JockeysFresh Sound Entertainment
Wandering TunesDJ AlcoolAfter Hours EntertainmentFuselink DJs
Staccato SoundsDJ DeejayAll About Music DJ Co.Gimmicks
Dj RessQNudeSingAll American DJ CompanyGood Karma DJs
YangbangFestive EnsemblesAll Digital Mobile Music DJsGood Times DJ

How Do I Choose A DJ Name?

Follow the  S M I L E technique when you are sorting out your name. Keep it Simple, Memorable, Intelligible, Lavish and Entertaining. Think about the music you will love to play for your audience. Give your name a similar tone.

Dj Names Ideas
DJ Name Ideas
DJ Gov’nerDJ TROXAll Occasion DJHart to Hart Entertainment
DJ CacophonySounds to Go DJsAll Play DJ Co.High Voltage Sounds DJ
CoastabaySouthern Style EntertainmentAll That Events DJ UpIron Buddy
Pizzeria BiancoSpace City DJsAM PMJam Events DJs
Elev8 EntertainmentSprinkles EntertainmentAmbient DJsJust Press Play
DJ MatrixStarz EntertainmentAmp It UpJust Rights Entertainment Mobile DJs
Punch PizzaSteve & CompanyBad Company EventsKittenMittens
Names PowerStolen MomentsBeat InspectorLet’s Make a Memory
NamlyStrangely attractiveBig Hits DJ EntertainmentLife of the Party Entertainment
DjableSync InBoogie Entertainment DJ Light Camera DJs
Names BurpleTapthebeatButler Events DJ ServicesLocomotion DJ Productions
NamadriTater TotsBuzzingLVproDJ
Dj ConquerTaylor Audio VisualCitron Sound ServicesMad Den
Names LodgeThatWorks EntertainmentCrash EntertainmentMirage Mobile DJ
Dj CreamyThe BackspaceCreative EntertainmentMix Masters
DjisticThe D’Jay Company Inc.Crown Special EventsMixx Entertainment
DjworksThe Downtown Sound DJ ServiceC-Zone EntertainmentMobile DJ
Names TinyThe Great Music Company DJsDash EntertainmentMobile Entertainment
Dj WorkbenchThe Music GuysDenon & Doyle Disc Jockey Co.Monarchy Music Group LLC
DjgenicsThe Music ManDiss-spinnerMusic Machine Entertainment
NamoontThe Perfect MixDixie DJ ServiceMusic Masters
Names JoyThe Sound StationDJ and The BearMusica
Dj MotorThe Wedding DJ CompanyDJ BrothersNight Music Express
Dj AbilityThunderVoiceDJ ConnectionNumark
Dj WarTouched By A DJDJ CoolhandParty Pro DJ

What Is The Full Name Of DJ?

DJ stands for Disc Jockey. It generally refers to a person who plays recorded music for a person giving it a new twist and turn.

NamliaUltra MixerDJ Dave ProductionsPastariaCoalfire
Names CraftsmanValley DJ ServiceDJ EarthSwingPiano Man DJ Productions
Names SoapXceptional DJs and PhotoboothsDJ Fader JockeyPlatinum Entertainment
Dj DomesticDj GrownDJ FingerbangPlatinum Peaks
Dj GoodDj LieuDJ GriddlePlease Mr. DJ Productions
Dj SpellboundDj AlphaDJ IngPointe Digital
Names GarageDj UnitedDJ KLMNOPowered by 2 DJs
Dj SourceDj CharmDJ MinionPure Entertainment DJ
Dj DeltaDj GroupDJ PhantomRadical Rusty DJ Service
NamdeckDj ButterflyDJ RixMixRedditor
Names CraftyDj InstantDJ See That?Regeneration Productions
NamomaticDj DevelopmentDJ SoundsRemixologists
Dj BopDj CompassDJ Text MexRock the Mic Entertainment
Names StudioDj CollaborateDJ TidbitRockwell
Dj IndulgeNamableDJ XXXScratch DJ Academy
Dj Ink’dDj CupcakeDJoneScribblenuts
Dj ModularDj NomadDJs R UsSeabright
Names TaffyDj SimpleDouble Platinum Celebrations DJ ServiceSee the 33 Greatest DJ Slogans of All-Time
NamologyNames GrowthDream EntertainmentSerious Pie
Names RelieveNames InlineDunkaroosSights and Sound Events
Dj StartDj ArchiveDynamic DJsSomething DJ
Names TrimDj CrimsonDynamic Entertainment ProductionsSong Dawg Productions
Names NativeNames EnhancerElev8 EntertainmentSound Advice DJ Service
DjarcDj HabitEverlasting EventsSounds Entertainment Company
Names CrystalDj FlowExcalibur DJ ServicesSounds of Music DJs

Is This DJ Name Taken?

There are plenty of search engine available online to check the availability of a DJ name. Just pick up any of them and put your DJ name there. It’s the quickest way to get proper results.

DJ Name Maker Online: Free Sites for you!

DJ understand music best. But when it comes to marketing they are really lame sometimes. But if you have decided to open up a DJ business, you must create a buzz in the market to stand out the huge crowd.

Your DJ name plays a pivotal role here. As it will the first impression about you. So be sure to go for the right name that portrays your DJ character the right way.

But it is not always necessary to spend hours and hours to decide a cool and outstanding DJ name. If you can express what kind of name you will like for yourself in just two or three words, we have got a surprise for you.

Do you know that there are a lot of online DJ name makers available for free? We are going to list down the names of some of those sites for you below. Put excellent keywords and generate thousands of DJ names just within a blink of your eye.

  • Businessnamegenerator.com
  • Voclio.com
  • Cueup.io
  • Biznamewiz.com
  • Rumandmoney.com

But we must warn you at the same time that these sites will only provide you generic names. If you are looking for something unique you have to brainstorm your name for you can not succeed without sweating right!  


We hope that our article of DJ name ideas has answered all your queries. Now the ball is in your court. Consider the examples here to be ideal DJ names and brainstorm a funny DJ name of your own. Thank you for visiting us!

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