Work From Home – Good Health Tips For Men


In the last years, the whole world was struck with a pandemic that no one ever expected. Yes, we are talking about none other than coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. Even today when most of the world has taken vaccines of the virus, still some parts of the world are suffering from the 4th or 5th wave of the virus.

As a common saying goes that every crisis is an opportunity. This pandemic apart from causing havoc to mankind taught us a lesson, to never take life for granted. Earlier in the pandemic, we had a pre-conceived notion that our work and money is the most important thing.

But this pandemic changed this notion and everyone started considering health, environment and all such things which they considered less important. Out of the multiple changes brought by the pandemic in personal and professional lives, the most prominent is the ‘Work From Home’ culture. Many of us who were involved in jobs that involved physical contact and travelling had to lose our jobs. But fortunate were those whose jobs were not lost. Most of the people who did desk jobs were among the fortunate such as accountants, software engineers etc. These people shifted their workplace from offices to their homes.

For employees, it was a win-win situation in times of adversity, if someone’s job is not lost then what’s better than this. But after a few months and when the pandemic kept extending for more than a year, then people started feeling about the negative aspects of Work From Home.

It’s not easy to sit in a corner for 14 to 16 hours like a robot in front of a laptop. Despite being with your family you cannot enjoy yourself with them but remain aloof with your computer. But you neglect the happiness and focus on your work, and work from home didn’t mean reduced workload, rather even more work was allotted without thinking about the mental health of the employee.

Hence, Work From Home proved profitable for big multinational companies but not for the employees. It was the time when the pandemic was at its worse phase, taking thousands of lives daily. Everywhere on the news, it was sorrow and death, amidst this, you are locked in the home for a year. So, the situation of mental health cannot be much worse. This is the reason why in the COVID-19 pandemic and especially during the lockdown period there was a huge number of cases of suicide, depression, anxiety, insomnia and such mental disorders. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20 were among the most ordered pills at that time. In this article, we shall share some tips for men who are still in Work From Home mode.

Get a good sleep

Sleep is the most important aspect of being healthy and especially while working in work from home mode. People may think that he was sitting in front of the laptop for the whole day without any physical movement so, what work he may have done? But people forget that it is the brain that takes up 20% of the total energy of the body. So, mental work may also exhaust you just like doing a lot of physical labour.

Hence, it is important to recharge yourself and gain lost energy. And the easiest way of doing it is to get a good sleep. In today’s times getting good sleep is a big task. Due to strict deadlines at the workplace and a robotic environment getting a good sleep that eases stress is difficult. People even take some sleeping pills for getting asleep because their sleep cycle is so damaged that they remain awake for several hours even after lying on the bed.

Make your body move

When you work from home, you hardly move your body. During working hours you don’t even move an inch. Thus, the calories you consume are not spent and they get accumulated as fats. Days and months of such accumulation can lead to gain in weight, even obesity. Hence, it is important to stretch tissues and muscles at whatever time is leftover in your schedule.

We are common people; we don’t need to build six-pack abs. Being fit means that we are able to perform daily activities and become fully productive in our work without being dependent on pills like Fildena from Go for a morning walk daily and exercise regularly. If possible then join swimming, dancing, gymnastics or play your favourite sport.


We have to face the reality all the time, we can hide the reality for some time but not forever. Similarly, many companies are thinking about working from home as the permanent work system. Hence, we cannot give up our job so, we need to adapt to work from home and treat it as a new normal.

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