What Are The English Requirements For Graduate Visa Subclass 485?


If you are an overseas student and wish to study or work further in Australia after finishing your study, you need to get a temporary graduate visa. But when you acquire this type of visa, education, eligible skills, requirements and age are not the only significant considerations you should take. 

For the Temporary Graduate Visa 485, the English requirement is very important too. You cannot obtain such a visa until you appear for an English IELTS or any other similar examinations. You also need to score an average of 5 to 6 in every band in the test. 

IELTS is a requirement for the Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visa

There are three main reasons for taking the IELTS. One of them is for migration to other countries like Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada. This helps to serve as proof of the applicant’s English proficiency.

The second reason is that IELTS is a recognised English proficiency training and educational institute. The third reason is for work, and you require IELTS for vocational training and professional registration.  

You need it both from professional organisations and employers. The fields you need to undergo this test are engineering, accounting, aviation, law and tourism industries. 

How Can the IELTS Help You? 

This can help you, especially for the visa subclass 485 offers. If you undergo IELTS coaching beforehand to secure an impressive score after the exams, it can help you obtain the visa.

IELTS is the short term for the International English Language Testing System

This type of test helps you to assess your proficiency in the English language. IELTS assesses your English language competency if you want to study and work in countries where English is an important communication medium. 

Minimum English Language Test Requirement 

You need to obtain the following scores in the tests mentioned below:

    • IELTS 

Speaking- 5, listening- 5, reading- 5, writing-5, overall- 6

    • TOEFL iBT

Speaking- 14, listening- 4, reading- 4, writing- 14, overall- 6

    • PTE academic

Speaking- 36, listening- 36, reading- 36, writing- 36, overall- 50

    • OET

Speaking- B, listening- B, reading- B, writing- B, overall- B

    • C1 Advanced test 

Speaking- 154, listening- 154, reading- 154, writing- 154, overall-169 

The 485 visas English requirement is essential to follow the mentioned criteria and various test providers.

Type Of IELTS Tests

Before you proceed with the temporary graduate visa application, it is essential that you know the types of IELTS tests there are. This is equally as important as other requirements in the checklist. There are two types of IELTS exams: IELTS Academic and IELTS general training. 

You can undergo the IELTS exam to apply for higher education or professional registration in an English-speaking country like Australia. You will be assessed for specific academic language features to ensure you are ready for an advanced study. 

The institutes that recognise the IELTS exam are the ones that reinforce this type of exam. You can take an IELTS general training test if you are willing to migrate to Australia to enrol on a training program or gain work experience. 

What Does The IELTS Test Do?

The IELTS test wants to analyse your surviving skills in Australia’s working environment. This test has no specific validity period as organisations set it as per their purposes. IELTS providers who are recognised provide a two-year validity period for the test score needed for the 485 subclass visa. 

You need to take the IELTS exam or an equivalent test to receive your subclass 485 visa and stay longer in Australia for further work and study. This test is counted as an essential requirement for obtaining your Australian visa. This is why you need to visit an IELTS coach before undergoing the test.

    • Firstly, you need to choose your batch and schedules as there are multiple batches of coaching offered in a day. You receive training from PTE coaches to fulfil your 485 visa requirement. 

    • You can also practice the test with the help of the program’s in-house practice tests. The mentors in the coaching can provide a regular evaluation of your English language proficiency.

Eligibility Criteria to Receive a Temporary Graduate Visa 

You need to fulfil the following temporary graduate visa subclass 485 requirements:

    • You need to meet the Australian study requirements. 

    • It would be best if you were under 50 years old.

    • You need to undergo an English proficiency test and obtain the minimum scores in all four departments, including reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    • You need to hold a valid student visa, or if your student visa expires in the last six months, you need to hold a bridging visa when you apply. 

    • You need to undergo a skill evaluation test for the relevant occupation before processing your visa application. 

    • You are also required to meet the health requirements and have valid health insurance for your length of stay in Australia.

    •  You need to meet the character requirements. 

    • You need to possess a recent qualification under a CRICOS-registered course. 

What Advantages Can You Get under the Subclass 485 Visa?

You can get the following advantages under this visa:

    • Using this visa, you can move to Australia along with your family.

    • This visa can provide you with the privilege of residing anywhere in Australia if you hold it.

    • You can gain good experience in your new profession. 

Recent Changes to Student Visa Conditions and for Those Who Hold a Temporary Graduate Visa 

The Australian government has announced various changes that can impact international students and graduates. These changes could be important to you if you look to work or study in Australia after graduation. 

Visa Extensions for Covid-19 Affected Subclass 485 Visa Holders 

On the 18th of January 2022, the Australian government announced that subclass 485 visa holders eligible for a replacement visa as they lost time during the pandemic would have their visas extended until 30 September 2022. 

How Do You Get the Temporary Graduate Visa Extension?

The government has provided a visa extension due to the ongoing pandemic. The Department of Home Affairs will automatically apply for the visa extension. There is no extra cost for extending the visa. 

What Are Your Options if Your Temporary Graduate Visa Expires Outside of Australia?

If your visa subclass 485 expired while you were outside Australia, you might be eligible for a replacement subclass 485 visa. Normal graduates are eligible for a temporary graduate visa; you can also receive an additional year of post-study work rights by studying and living in a regional area in Australia. 

If your visa expires outside Australia, you can lose the opportunity to work in Australia after you complete graduation under this visa. You can contact visa help centres in Perth to know more about this.  

Contact A Visa Agent In Perth 

If you desire to apply for a 485 visa, you need to know the different criteria associated with the visa. You need to fulfil English requirements, and if you have doubts, you can contact an Immigration centre in Perth.

If you want to travel to Australia and know the various changes that occurred under the 485 visa, you can take the help of Migration Services Perth. They are experts in this area and will ensure your visa application is not rejected. 

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