101 Space Team Names That Are NASA Approved

However, he presented me with a challenge soon when he said he wanted a cool and unique Space team name. Though I did give him some options, nothing seems to satisfy him and he wanted additional Space team name options. After weeks of struggling to toggle between my assignments and my brother’s dissatisfaction with any name I suggested, we finally selected Buzz and Group. 

In the process of coming up with this name, I created an exhaustive list of names which I am sharing with you. You can use these for novel characters, comics or to name your space team. 

Funny Space Team Names

Space Team Names

Though my brother is only 10, he has a great sense of humor and wanted me to come up with names that would tickle the funny bones (as if my life wasn’t already hard enough). I brainstormed for hours and days and came up with a few names that I thought were quite funny, but my brother chose to disagree.

Space ExplorersMarvelous MartiansThe MeteoritesSolar System Smurfs
Stellar RemnantsStar RocketsHiram HurricanesBlazing Comets
Nebula NetworkOrbital EccentricsSaturn StarsAt Light Speed
Solar Space CadetsHubble Space StarsComet CreaturesBald Mars Eagles

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Cool Space Team Names

I personally felt that the Space team names had to be cool and quirky to attract maximum signup, I mean, the name is the first thing you hear about a club, right? 

But before I could determine what would be “cool” for a bunch of 11-12-year-olds, I had to talk to them to know their personalities. I took the 5 core kids out for ice cream one day and over vanilla swirl and double apple I learned quite a bit about them.

Then I used that as an inspiration to come up with the following names. 

Saturn SmashersVenus VampiresAsteroid BeltsDallas Rockets
Saturn RingersSaturnRoaring RocketsMartian Warriors
Firestar WarriorsArmstrongsBeyond The StarsNearly Spherical
Pluto IcersThe ApollosThe Cosmic CreaturesGinormous Galaxies

Office Space Team Names

While I was already having to deal with my brother’s never-ending demands, I made the blunder of telling a few peeps from work that was working on this project. 

That did a load of good for me and my boss got me to figure out a few office space team names for an upcoming quiz event. 

As an intern, I couldn’t just walk out (even though I wanted to), so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Over 3 hours I came up with the following options. 

Shining StarsWashington AsteroidsGravitationally BoundPlaneteers
The Solar SystemsMosser MartiansLight Years AwayHalo Of Stars
Mercury MartiansThe PlaneteersThe Lava PlanetsJumping Jupiters
Beyond AndromedaJupiter BulldogsDisney’s PlutosHoag’s Objects

Famous Movies Space Team Names

The entire exercise of coming up with Space team names was indeed tedious. There were times when I had no thoughts in my head let alone team names. But I had to soldier on since I was committed to the project. 

One thing I did to overcome the mental block was watch space-theme movies. In fact, to let you in on some honesty: the name Buzz and group was inspired by Toy Story! 

Space-themed movies like Interstellar, Mars Attacks, Star Trek, and Ragnarok really helped me overcome my mental fatigue and come up with a few ideas. 

So, if you want to come up with something original, you can give this idea a spin. 

Landon FarisSmartIpsSpaceRoarSweetie
ShaqMandyFrancie PieEarthzionale
ClarichuSpace JohsonGeorgianaLandon Hertz
Drake SpaceMonicaBuster EarthieSpace Ellyn

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Cool Space-Themed Team Names

Space Team Names

As you may have already figured out, my 10year old brother is extremely opinionated. After 2 days of brainstorming for name ideas, he was not convinced by any name I picked. So I had to dig in deeper and came up with a few other variants.

The best ones I liked from the list are: 

SupersonicsCleveland CometsBeam Us Up!Sunspot Squad
Rockin’ CometsIn Retrograde MotionMission TimeStriking Comets
Supernova StarsThe Moon RockersPluto BulldogsVenus Vampires
Neptune GnashersStar RocketsVenus VictoriesComet Crushers

How To Name Your Space Team?

After I created the perfect Space team name for my brother, I created a video on the whole process. I received many comments on that video on Instagram about the process I followed while coming up with the name. 

I thought of sharing a few pointers here. 

First, it’s best to brainstorm the name ideas with the members of the team. Even though my end users for this particular assignment were a group of 10-12-year-olds, I sat down with them every evening and discussed the name I created. I even encouraged them to share their opinion. 

Second, the name you select must reflect the persona of the whole team. For instance, all these kids liked Toy Story and aimed to be Buzz in real life ( how cute!) The character Buzz Lightyear immediately attracted them and they could connect with the character, which makes this name perfect! 

Third, consider referencing books movies, and web series that you have seen about space. As mentioned earlier, I watched Interstellar and Star Trek again to come up with better inspiration. 

At the end of the day, have fun doing the exercise. I enjoyed the activity thoroughly and was happy to see my little champ overjoyed with the name. Now I am taking him and his gang to get the name printed on their team t-shirt! 

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