Full Speed Ahead: Exciting Racing Team Names for Your Crew

Racing cars have been my brother’s dream since he was ten years old, and last year on his twenty-first birthday he finally announced that he has decided to take it up professionally. 

Though a quiet fell over the dinner table and the clinking of the glasses stopped briefly, I couldn’t be happier. I jumped up and hugged my brother! The family soon overcame the initial shock (which I guess was probably out of concern about the threats in the sport) and congratulated my brother. 

Within two months of his big announcement, Dixon has his first race, and the family was pumped to come up with a name for the team. This led to a few super exciting days and nights brainstorming racing team names

and in this blog, I present a few ideas for those looking for something similar like old racing team names and relay race team names.

Catchy Race Team Names

Coming up with a catchy racing team name was our first target. We wanted the name to be meaningful, easy to spell and pronounce, and of course easy to remember. We selected Ninja on Wheels. But before we got there, there were a bunch of other names that I am listing below. 

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Fast 1 FuriousTired ToesDrinkers with a Running ProblemSpeedies
Slow, Slow, And FastThe Rumble BeesBrit can Gone WildCenturions
Baby Got TrackDrift KingsBourbon, Buzzed & BlisteredAddicted to Victory
Switch It UpChicks With KickCrazy Flying Monkey Space InvadersRascally Rambler

Dirt Track Racing Team Names

Racing Team Names

Dirt track racing is not new to those aware of the racing sports. It’s a form of motorsport conducted on dirt-covered oval tracks that are used in horse racing. Dixon, my brother, is a champion in this game and has many successes in dirt racing.

Keeping his victories in mind, we wanted to come up with a few names that would go on to show the judges the skills he had as a racer. 

Nite SwetsRun DNCBruise AlrightyThe Beerlievers
Bow to Us WowsThe Flash MobDashing DivasExcel-Orators
Running Because We CanStretch Ya SelfThe disco dirty dozenLucky Stars
Fired UpSprinting SpeedstersTeam HanMaddening Missiles

Funny Race Team Names

While racing is definitely not a funny sport, humor can make any situation better and make an instant impression on the minds of the judges and viewers. We wanted to take into account this very basic human emotion and come up with a few options that will lighten the mood.

Lloyd’s LadiesOut Chasing BootyStrangers in the NightCountry Boyz
Speed DemonsBad Like BanditsJokers Are WildThe Snowflakes
Urban AchieversCatch Us If You CanThe Three WanderersHeart & Sole.
The Believersle & JumpVan HaleCase Of The Runs

Street Racing Team Names

Racing Team Names

From what I had heard from Dixon, street racing is the first step towards developing a career as a racer and most people take that course. While it’s extremely dangerous, street racing enhances the preparedness of drivers to make quick decisions on the tracks. Dixon too used to be a street racer, and of course, got into a lot of trouble with Mom and the authorities in some cases.

But while hunting for racing team names, I thought it would be a good idea to go back to his roots in racing to show how serious he is about the sport. 

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Scary PottersChezzehookersGo Go’sThe Expandables
The NinjasTreading TriersRun Like the WindedBroken Feet
Ace In My PantsFast 1 FuriousTry A StrideBaby Got Track
Team SpectacularSuper SlothsTurtle LegsSew Sisters

Awesome Racing Team Names

Dixon is not the only racer in the family. In fact, he got the inspiration from our grandfather who used to be a celebrated racer from his golden days. Naturally, when Dixon announced his career plans he was ecstatic! His excitement knew no bounds when I sought his help in coming up with a few racing team names.

His options were awesome! 

Road Warriors21 Or BustBrit can Gone WildPacemakers
Addicted to VictoryCrouching ChihuahuasMr. Bee2 Fast 2 Furious
Rascally RamblerSwitch It UpThe Ginger SnapsIt Hurts So Well
The BelieversThe Swim ReapersAchilles HeelsRascally Ramblers

F1 Team Names Ideas

I think it goes without saying that being selected for F1 racing is the dream of every racer. Of course, my brother wants to be there someday. He insisted that his goal be reflected in the names we select for his team.

This got me to think and here are a few options I devised. 

Bruise AlrightyThe “a” TeamHaligooniansJust There Pals
Coast BustersThong Distance Runners3’s CompanyPavement Princesses
Fast MamasRoadside Duties5 Am GalsVictorious Secret
Bullets UnleashedWtf Where’s The Finish!The Extreme ZoneMud, Sweat, and Tears

Motor Racing Team Names

Racing Team Names

Selecting the name Dixon approved of wasn’t easy. It involved days of think and brainstorming by the whole family. We created draft after draft, sought suggestions from friends, and looked at old racing magazines and interviews for inspiration. We left no stone unturned.

The following draft was one of the final ones we created before Dixon selected the name. 

Excel-OratorsAce of RaceSoggy BottomsPain For Gain
Snorts in ShortsUpright And SmilingTriple Trouble!Half Newbies
Driven To RunTeam MalbecHappy Go-GettersThe Gang Greens
The Bolt and DutifulsMotley ShuesTwisted SistersTwisted Sisters

The whole experience was very fulfilling for all of us and I hope these names inspire you to come up with your unique creation. All the best! 

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