Play Fortnite Mobile in Android Devices without Lag (& Worries)

Gaming in a Smartphone has to be smooth and the good news is we can do so now!

By hacking in some settings aspects in the phone and the game, we might be able to make a change in our Fortnite experience and make the game run like never before on our Android devices.

With that being said, it must be told to iPhone users that some of these tips might work on their devices as well.

Fortnite mobile is that ultra-popular; craze-increasing; creative and competitive version of PUBG Mobile in Europe.

But the fact is many in Europe are also having as much fun they have in Fortnite in PUBG as well in the mobile version of the game.

Because of its portability and the sound features both these games offer, which is brought to the new and very interesting platform of battle royale, both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are now successful in keeping gamers a bit distant from their consoles or PCs.

But that doesn’t mean gaming on PC and console is going to be history.

All we can say is that this topic can be reserved for another blog.

For now, we need to learn how Fortnite Mobile can be made faster and smoother in Android devices.

Let’s Make Fortnite Mobile for Android Lag-Free

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Using these settings we are talking about can also do good to the ways your phone runs the game and that can be an additional advantage in eliminating that irritating lag your phone has.

Now, these settings will also make your phone run better with other applications and provide longevity to its batteries.

Without more ado, let us now find out how that can happen with the following points.

  • Please Take Care of the Frames Per Second/ FPS Rate
  • The Combo of Wi-Fi and Flight Mode
  • Stop those Background Apps
  • And Don’t Let the Apps Get an Update
  • Use Gaming Mode (If You Are Lucky Enough)
  • Turn on 4x MSAA

Just knowing these titles won’t do. We need to learn more about them, for which you need to do one, simple thing.

And that is to read on.

Please Take Care of the Frames Per Second/ FPS Rate

Now, high FPS makes games run super smooth and the games also look cooler in that.

But take a deep breath.

And don’t be sad.

There are devices with apt screen refresh rates. If you want a higher screen refresh rate, you might need a high-end phone.

A high-end phone has a screen refresh rate of 60Hz.  It can easily run a game in 60 FPS, considered the ideal frames per second rate for a game.

But, the low-end phone might not give you a higher refresh rate and, thus, a high FPS rate that can run a game super smooth.

As a result, your Fortnite adventure will look choppy and you might end up losing the game for such an effect.

End that problem now with a low FPS rate of 30 FPS.

At this rate, your game will seem choppy. But, it won’t lag and you can game on for hours without putting much stress on the batteries.

The Combo of Wi-Fi and Flight Mode

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Now it is time to use this idea to lay Fortnite Mobile.

Just turn in Airplane mode and make sure you are gaming in a Wi-Fi connection. Mostly, a Wi-Fi connection offers gameplay with less heat production and makes it easier for the gamer to game for long.

Plus, turning on Airplane mode shuts down all the other applications and keeps distractions like phone calling or messaging at bay.

Gaming becomes more immersive than ever.

Stop those Background Apps

Take an action yourself and kindly stop those background apps from working.

Keep in mind that in an Android device, some background apps consume more data when your Phone is running on Wi-Fi.

Turning off the background apps can dedicate the data to gaming.

Plus, the phone can also game with you better, right?

And Don’t Let the Apps Get an Update

Quite similar to the previous point, your Smartphone can also take updates on certain apps while Wi-Fi is on.

Even if that feature is unavailable, which means the Wi-Fi is turned off, then again the Android device starts updating applications through using mobile data.

So, turning off updates can be a great way to ensure your phone is not given enough stress and that it runs smoothly.

Use Gaming Mode (If You Are Lucky Enough)

Well, gaming modes pretty much do these things and also a bit more when turned on.

Actually, it is a feature of gaming phones.

If you are using a Redmi Black Shark or, of course, the Asus ROG Phone; then you are definitely going to get the game mode.

Use it.

Turn on 4x MSAA

If you want a more graphic-heavy performance not just for Fortnite Mobile but for any game, then choosing this setting will definitely help.

You need to enable the developer option on your Android phone. It is not present on the phone at first. But you can enable it.

Go to the Hardware Accelerated Rendering Option and turn on 4x MSSA.

You are done.

For additional performance enhancement, you might as well try out disabling the USB debugging option.

To Conclude

Gaming Fortnite Mobile can be a fun experience for many when the phone behaves in the right ways in ‘game time’.

Just keep in mind that your phone is more important than the game and that you need to take more care of it rather than the scores you made in your game.

And if you want to buy a special phone or a gaming phone, particularly for gaming, then it is a decision you can welcome.

You can take out a short term loan online to buy the device.

These loans are taken for shorter periods such as a few months or a year, which means you can also pay them back quickly and that too in a more organized way.

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