59+ Best And Aesthetic Pinterest Username Ideas

I have been using Pinterest for a long time now. It is indeed interesting to see how Pinterest keeps evolving and giving a lot of work to users like me to match its algorithm. And, certainly, this work starts with the basic criteria of choosing a username which is not so basic anymore.

With so much competition and the increasing popularity of Pinterest, you can’t afford a username that doesn’t sound intriguing, cool, or catchy because that’s the first impression of your profile. It is considered a thoughtful process. Thus, this time, I thought to use my experience and help new users with a list of some fun, aesthetic Pinterest username ideas. So read it, get an idea and select wisely.

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Cool Pinterest Usernames

Pinterest Username Ideas

Everyone aspires to have a voice that is smooth and trendy. Being cool attracts people to come to interact with us, which is another benefit. Pinterest usernames reveal this trait. Use cool adjectives to describe your behavior.

You can also express your own definition of cool in your username!

Here are some of the coolest Pinterest usernames compiled for you: 

Angry AngelHoney Pie Hugs
Honey ButterflySilent Eyes
Chocolate GalaxyMy Missing Smile
Pretty PearlsCharming Rose
Shiny SmileSilly Pie

Catchy Usernames For Pinterest

For followers, usernames must be noteworthy. Cute names are always trendy. If you name your Instagram account something cute or funny, you’ll get the many followers you’ve been wanting. Use the latest trend or hashtag to make it catchier.

Here are some of the best catchy names to look at:

  • Silly Smile
  • Crunchy Crunch
  • Cuddle Bear
  • Hey- Dudes
  • Little Pearls
  • Shiny Eyes
  • Honey Pie Kisses
  • Silly Girl
  • Broken Heart

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Unique Pinterest Usernames

Pinterest Username Ideas

Usernames are meant to be unique to attract followers. Choosing a name that has a pun or any other humorous element is one method to achieve this goal. You can also go for some aesthetic usernames if you want to be out of the box.

Pinterest is best known for its aesthetics, be it in fashion, music, food, or one’s way of living.

Have a look at some more unique usernames for Pinterest:

SunflowershineHigh Tech Cases
BlackdiamondArtful Nature
Golden AgePasta Queen
Excellent EssencePoetic Lips
Fancy For GoodCatching Eyes

Amazing Pinterest Usernames

Pinterest account names should be uplifting and engaging for your audience, not only for likes and followers. Your page name could focus on cuisine, sports, leisure, or fashion.

Also, if you want to give it a funny touch, you can relate the name with some funny adjective resonating with your page’s theme, to make it positive and hilarious!

Here are some amazing usernames for your Pinterest page: 

  • Lovely Me
  • The Girl With No Name
  • Baby Gum
  • White Candy
  • Almond Doll
  • Be There Soon
  • Softhenic
  • Kitty Bloom
  • Lovely Dove
  • Kitty Cute

Pinterest Usernames For Girls

Pinterest is one of the most used apps by girls, as it is full of ideas about what women are generally interested in, plus, girls love to be aesthetic! You can name your account after different types of aesthetics, be it cottagecore, emo, soft, etc, whatever describes your personality and matches your Pinterest feed!

Here are some good Pinterest usernames for girls: 

  • Smile A Lot Lady
  • Peppermint Pretty
  • Sweet Sparkle
  • Forever And Always
  • Little Secret
  • Call May Be
  • Thank U Next
  • Look At The Stars
  • Cute Little Cup Cake
  • Mellody Off Flowers

Pinterest Usernames For Boys

Pinterest Username Ideas    

A boy’s name ought to be as crazy as the boy’s intense interest in Pinterest, which may include cars, game goods, guns, and other such things. It is therefore a great idea for males to pick some names that are either hilarious or cool.

You can also symbolize yourself as the king in your username.

Given below is a list of Pinterest usernames for boys: 

  • Earnest
  • Admirable
  • Hazzle Dazzle
  • Major Nonsense
  • Improvement
  • Innocent Heart
  • Deal Losser
  • Spooky Bravo
  • Pretty Potato
  • Lovely Passion

How To Choose A Unique Username

Choosing a good Pinterest user name is an art. Here are some tips for choosing a unique name:

  • The only way for other people to discover you is if they can recall your username, so make it something distinctive.
  • Always go for fictional names. Never use your real name as it’s very old-fashioned and isn’t fun. 
  • Instead of long terms, use a brief name. 
  • Go for names that are creative. You can’t use your real name, but you can always express yourself using some cool adjectives that describe you.
  • Make it pronounceable. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are some cool usernames you have used?

Some of the cool usernames being used are:

  • AwesomeMellow
  • FantasticAwesome
  • AwesomeInspire
  • Walrulete
  • EyefulAwful

2. How can you create a cool Instagram username?

You can create a cool Instagram name by displaying a chill attitude through it. Content and the username should be relatable to be sensical and furthermore, prefer a short name. 

3. What are some good one-word usernames?

Here are some: 

  • IntincrAquatic
  • Accepter
  • CupfulAwful
  • Selfridge
  • Bredatic

4. What are some cool-sounding usernames?

Here are a few examples: 

  • Singingocean
  • Necromancer
  • Sunvolt
  • Contentwiggly
  • Airport Hobo

5. What are the best usernames?

No username is best. Choose a name you like, perhaps a version of one from a game, movie, or anime. Something you enjoy but wouldn’t name yourself. It could be a nickname or an inside joke.

6. What Instagram usernames are available?

The following can be some:

  • @deadofwrite
  • @true.living
  • @weworewhat
  • @chillhouse
  • @iamwellandgood

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