On Scrabble Names That You Need to Know For Your Next Game

Scrabble – for some, a cool and fun game, for some, a nightmare.

Well, that’s just exaggerating a bit because it’s a fun game and unless we’re losing. But anyways, when it comes to Scrabble, the one thing that we can all agree on is coming up with the right letters that can earn us a good score.

Lucky for you, we’re sharing a list of Scrabble names that you can work with and easily earn amazing points. What’s more important is that we have these ready with their descriptions so that you’ll understand them better and easily defend the placement.

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But, instead of streaming names and nouns, which sounds like a good idea, you can just keep our list handy and be sorted. So, let’s begin:

On Scrabble Names with the Letter A Ash: from the famous Pokemon series Art: truly artistic in nature Alan: Alan Turing, the Mathematician that cracked the German Enigma code Almah/ Alma: a word for an Egyptian singer and dancer Al: An East Indian TreeOn Scrabble Names with the Letter B Basil: aroma-rich herb Ben: quite common though but a cool pick Bo: a friend, a pal Braille: it’s how blind people read books Bolivar: a monetary unit of Venezuela, a good pick Biff: to hit, not commonly usedOn Scrabble Names with the Letter C Celeste: it’s a keyboard instrument Chopin: miniature cartoons, a great pick Cisco: a globally known network tech company Cabela: a store that sells fishing-related stuff Caboose: the last car at the end of the train, a good pick
On Scrabble Names with the Letter D Davy: the infamous Davy Johns Dawn: the beauty of the morning Deb: short for Debra or Debbie but still a valid name Dirk: a small knife Dotty: referred to as eccentric but still a good pickOn Scrabble Names with the Letter E Einstein: well, you already know Erica: a cool name, branched from Eric Earl: a rank junior to Dukes Emmanuel: the famous ostrich for its camera violence Emelia: Emelia Earhart, the American aviatorOn Scrabble Names with the Letter F Felicity: happiness Ford: the famous Ford Motors Flossie: Roman Goddess of flowers, a really cool pick Fay: it’s related to joining closely, which is why elves are also referred to with the same Fagin: a criminal mastermind, somewhat like El Professor from Money Heist
On Scrabble Names with the Letter G Galvan: from the Galvan meter Garvey: small scow/ ship Guy: The Might Guy from Naruto Gamora: the killer assassin from Marvel’s GOTG Geese: Geese Howard, a killer player from TekkenOn Scrabble Names with the Letter H Harvey: the infamous Harvey Dent from Batman Series Hale: means healthy Hope: from the Ant-Man series Hoyle: a rule book but a good pick Halesia: a botanical plant also known as silverbell treeOn Scrabble Names with the Letter I Iris: a part of our eye Indiana: the famous Indiana Jones Isadora: a gift from the goddess Isis Ingrid: means beautiful in Norse Mythology Iiaria: Italian name for Hillary
On Scrabble Names with the Letter J Jace: short for Jason Joel: originates from Hebrew stating that Yahweh is God Jada: originates from Jade Jeroboam: a wine bottle but also the first king of Northern Israel Jezebel: known as the twin sister of Annabelle, the cursed dollOn Scrabble Names with the Letter K Kay: from the Men in Black series Kara: alternate name of Italian name Cara meaning beloved Kelsey: from old English origins meaning Victory at sea, a boy’s name but can be used for girls too Kent: Remember Clark Kent?On Scrabble Names with the Letter L Lance: a spear, piercing attitude Lassie: from Scottish origins meaning the small girl Lear: from King Lear Leno: meaning strong, light
On Scrabble Names with the Letter M Mac: MacBook’s enough Marv: from American origins meaning great lord Mim: the sea of bitterness, a bit sorrowful name Morse of English origins means dark-skinnedOn Scrabble Names with the Letter N Nessie: another name for the Lochness Monster Norm: short form Northman, associated with Vikings Noel: famous unisex name meaning born on Christmas Nestor: from Greek origins meaning travelerOn Scrabble Names with the Letter O Otto: Spiderman’s arch-nemesis! Ohm: you might’ve read about the ohmmeter? Oedipal: from Greek origins meaning knowing
On Scrabble Names with the Letter P Presley: means priest clearing, famous after Elvis Presley Paisley: from Scottish origins meaning church Padma: from Indian origins meaning lotus, one of the many names of Lakshmi the Goddess Perry: inspired by Welsh origins meaning pear treeOn Scrabble Names with the Letter Q Qing: from the Qing dynasty Quasimodo: means newly born or like just-born Quigley: decedent of Coigleach, means distaff or someone that keeps things untangled Quinley: meaning wisdomOn Scrabble Names with the Letter R Reese: a gender-neutral name meaning king Renee: reborn, inspired by Renata Roentgen: named after Wilhelm Rontgen, the physicist who discovered X-rays Rae: from different origins but means gentleness and purity
On Scrabble Names with the Letter S Simony: inspired by Simon, means trading ecclesiastical items Shiloh: tranquil in Hebrew Silas: related to the forest Saanvi: inspired by Indian Goddess LakshmiOn Scrabble Names with the Letter T Theo: from Greek origins meaning God’s gift Tengen: the Sound Hashira from Demon Slayer Talia: Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter from The Dark Knight Rises Titus: inspired by the Greek word titan, meaning the giantsOn Scrabble Names with the Letter U Uma: a Goddess in Hinduism Ume: inspired by Demon Slayer Upper Moon 6 Urmi: the wave of the sea Usha: Dawn, inspired by Sanskrit origins
On Scrabble Names with the Letter V Vida: inspired by the Roman name Vitus meaning life Vanna: short for Giovanna, meaning God is gracious Valerie: strength, a strong name for girls Vaughn: means little, also used for both boys and girlsOn Scrabble Names with the Letter W Weston: a trending baby boy name Wren: a small songbird Wilhelmina: inspired by old German origins meaning protection Wesley: the Wesleys from the Harry Potter seriesOn Scrabble Names with the Letter X Xaviera: Bright, something splendid, an excellent name for females Xavion: alternate name for Savion, inspired by famous tap dancer Savion Glover Xue: snow white in Chinese Xever: Albanian form of Jamal, another form of Xavier
On Scrabble Names with the Letter Y Yanni: another name/ reference for Yahweh Yvonne: strength and being the strongest, referenced from French Yves: eve in French, used for a boy though Yaffa: beautiful in Hebrew Yair: cuteOn Scrabble Names with the Letter Z Zena: a variant of Xenia, referred to as hospitable Zeke: short for Ezekiel Zion: heavenly city, referred to the hill of Jerusalem Zuriel: Prince of the house of Merari, a unisex name 

Closing Thoughts

So, with this list, you can easily beat your opponents with a wide range of names, and get a good score without any hassle.

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