Miracles Of Kundli Matching For Marriage To Lead A Successful Life

Ronit and Radhika were in a good relationship. They recently got married with the permission of their parents. In the beginning, everything was going well. But day by day some controversies used to arise in their life. Due to this both of them started getting very upset. Both of them were not even concentrating on the office work. This was likely to cause a rift in their relationship and peace of mind totally disturbed. The bond between two souls is separated and there is likely to be disharmony in the relationship. Both of them as well as the family members were also tense due to their daily disputes. They could not find any way to get rid of this problem. It seemed that there was a situation of divorce. But somehow that situation was averted. In this dilemma his whole lifestyle got spoiled.

Some of his relatives and acquaintances came to know about their problem. He advised me to connect with a good specialist or an astrologer. An astrologer can guide according to modern lifestyle and astrological facts. Good guidance brought a new turn in his life. Now they forget their past and are busy in a new world. Sometimes advice from others can be good. But we say that people should have probation to understand relationships. Because of this, such situations will never arise in your life.

Significance Of Kundli Matching for Marriages

Kundli matching for marriage is an important ritual before marriage. Kundli matching is done for sure! How possible is the union of two souls? It is mainly used for the purposes of fixing marriages.

Marriage is an important step for two couples and their families. This beautiful relationship unites two souls for a lifetime. This can be called the beginning of a new life. It is awaited by every man and woman. Where they are ready for every commitment. Various rituals are often seen before marriage in Hinduism.

Most of the Hindu marriages are done only after matching the astrology horoscopes. It is of great importance in deciding the future of the couples. Kundli matching is essential for a healthy long married life. Basically, Kundli matching tells us things more clearly. This can give a good idea about their partner, how long they will be together. Kundali Milan helps us:

  • Healthy married life.
  • Human personality.
  • Birth of children.
  • Wealth
  • Prosperity and happiness. 

What Are The Main Fundamentals For  Kundli Matching 

A proper and detailed Kundli matching involves considering. Apart from guna Milan, there are many other factors in this. Guna Milan is one aspect of the whole process. In this, the comparator holds more importance than the others. Maintaining a relationship for a long time is an important step. This is specially taken care of during the Kundli match.

There are eight Gunas that can be determined through a Vedic Birth Chart with interpretations. The similarity between the couple is known only by these qualities. There are different categories of organisms on this earth:

       1.  Manava or Human.

       2.  Vanachara or Wild. 

       3.  Chatushpada or Quadruped. 

       4.  Jalachara or Water.

       5.  Keeta or Insect.  

Kundali matching can help in predictions about the married life of a person. One of the most commonly used systems is called the Ashtakoot Guna Milan. It consists of 8 kootas or clusters. Scoring is given after studying the horoscopes of the boy and the girl. Through this scoring system, we get to know how many marks there are out of the total 36.

Is The Calculation Of Points Important In Guna Matching? 

Kundli Milan is to compare the birth chart of two natives. It is used in Vedic astrology to check the compatibility of two individuals in order to have an enchanted and successful marriage. Matching kundli of a bride and groom to help them understand their bonding level and their prospective marriage. 

  • For a happy married life, your Kundli matching score should be between 18 to 24. If your compatible score is less than 18? So the union is not advised.
  • The better match is considered to be a perfect match.
  • If we are having no time to meet astrologers? Then we can verify our kundli through an online platform. 
  • Astrologers predict whether this match is perfect or not for a long time.
  • The total number of points under Ashtakoot Milan makes up 36 Gunas. 
  • Some people believe in marriage horoscope matching or some do not. When marriage is a very enduring relationship! So the bond between two people plays an important role. 25 to 32 is the best match score for a perfect kundli match.

Few Dosha can come at the time of Kundli matching?

Matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom is an extremely difficult process. It requires a vast knowledge of astrology along with years of experience. Kundali dosha refers to the defects of the horoscope compatibility of two persons who want to get married. There are three most common examples of Kundli dosha which are discussed below:

Mangal Dosha: This is seen through the Lagna chart, Chandra Rashi chart, and Venus chart. If Mars is in the above house in the horoscope of the native? So it will be considered as ‘High Manglik Dosh’. If it is occupying one of these houses in one of these charts? So it will be considered as “Less Manglik Dosh”.

Nadi  Dosha: The presence of Nadi Kundali Dosha predicts highly troubled and incomplete marital life between the partners. This dosha has some of the most prominent effects on marriage. Frequent quarrels in the house, lack of proper relationship between couples and lack of children in the family, etc. In such a situation, astrologers read the horoscope. They tell whether both the people belong to the same Nadi or not. Which is called Nadi Dosha.

Bhakut  Dosha: Bhakoot dosha affects the marriage by making the partners infertile. It reduces the chances of pregnancy and childbirth in the family. The effect of Bhakoot Dosh in married life can remain for a long time. It can also affect other aspects like general monetary status in the family, life span, and mutual happiness of the couple.

Some cases of Kundali dosha can have serious long-lasting effects. Kundali matching is highly advisable for marriages between such incompatible partners. It can give the right guidance to avoid disturbance in life.


Astrology is an astronomical science. As we believe in science, astrology also works in the same way. According to our birth, it can be ascertained only by the position of the planets in the Kundli. This shows the inauspicious situations that happen in life. Horoscope prediction can help in getting a happy married life.

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