Meet The Requirements For A Working Holiday Visa 417 In Order To Visit Australia


The Australian Department of Home Affairs has designed several visas to allow international visitors to work while spending holidays. These visas are pretty popular among tourists because they can earn some valuable money to cover major expenses. Working Holiday Visa 417 is one such visa granted to young overseas individuals. The maximum age limit is 30, with 35 for those coming from specific countries. This blog focuses on the specific requirements you have to fulfil to get your Visa 417.

What Are the Visa Entitlements?

As the holder of Visa 417, you can do the following things. 

    • The visa validity is 12 months, and within this period, you can enter and exit Australia multiple times.

    • You will be allowed to work for a maximum of six months for an Australian company. In addition, you can also study for about four months. 

    • Working for any specified work for a maximum of 12 months is possible. Working for 12 months is also possible in regional areas.

    • You can travel to and from Australia at any time you want.

Look at These Three Different Subclass 417 Visas

Individuals can apply for three different Subclass 417 Visas – First Working Holiday Visa, Second Working Holiday Visa, and Third Working Holiday Visa. 

First Working Holiday Visa

You can stay and work for about 3 months for an Australian employer with the First Working Holiday Visa. If you want to work for the same company, the maximum period will be 6 months. 

Second Working Holiday Visa

The Second Working Holiday Visa is granted to someone who has completed 3 months of work on the First Working Holiday Visa. 

You are allowed to work for 6 months.

Third Working Holiday Visa

Once you complete your 6 months of work on the Second Working Holiday Visa, you can apply for this stage. It will also allow you to work for 6 months for an Australian employer.

What Are the General Requirements for the Visa 417?

To apply for the 417 Visa Australia, you must fulfil the following requirements. 

Holding This Passport

You must hold valid citizenship and a passport from one of the following eligible countries. 

    • Belgium

    • Canada

    • Denmark

    • The Republic of Cyprus

    • Estonia

    • France

    • Finland

    • Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China)

    • Italy

    • The Republic of Ireland

    • Japan

    • The Republic of Korea

    • Germany

    • The Netherlands

    • Malta

    • Norway

    • Taiwan

    • Sweden

    • The United Kingdom of Great Britain

    • Northern Ireland

There are two points to note here.

    1. You will be eligible if you are from Hong Kong and hold a British National Overseas passport.

    2. If you are from Taiwan, you must not have any diplomatic or official passport.

Age Requirement

If you are from any country except Canada, the Republic of Ireland, or France, your age must be between 18 and 30.

Applicants from these three countries can apply for up to 35 years.

If your age is 30 at the time of application but becomes 31 before the Department of Home Affairs decides, you will still be eligible to be issued the visa. 

A similar condition applies when you are from France, Canada, or Ireland. In that case, the Department will grant you the visa if your age is 35 at the time of application but becomes 26 before the visa decision. 

Not Holding These Visas

You should not have never entered Australia on a Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 or a Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417.

Having Sufficient Financial Strength

The 417 Visa Australia requires that you have sufficient money to:

    • Cover your costs while staying in Australia, and

    • Pay for your return airfare to the home country

Usually, AUD5000 will be required for your initial stay.

Meeting the Necessary Health Requirements

Make sure you do not have any health condition that requires constant support from the community or government. If asked, you may also have to submit relevant health examination reports.

Meeting the Necessary Character Requirements

You must also pass the character test because the Department does not allow anyone with past criminal or conviction records. You may be required to submit police clearance certificates.

No Dependent Children Accompanying You

Note that you must not have any dependent children accompanying you at the time of your stay. 

Having No Debts to the Government of Australia

You or any family members must not have any debts to the Australian Government. Even if you have one, you must make a repayment arrangement. Note that this condition applies to those not included in the application. 

Not Having Any Visa Cancellation or Refusal Records

Make sure you have no Australian visa cancellation or refusal records. 

Signing the Australian Values Statement

When you sign the Australian Values Statement, you confirm that you will respect the Australian public life and laws while staying on this visa. 

For application help, you may consider hiring an experienced migration expert. 

Go Through the Specified Work Requirement Related to the Working Holiday Visa 417

Meeting the specified work requirement is necessary for a Second or Third Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417. It means you will need to work in specific types of paid job positions in the following industries, including:

    • Fishing and pearling

    • Plant and animal cultivation

    • Mining

    • Tree farming and felling

    • Construction 

Note that for the 417 Visa, you have to undertake specified work in the regional areas of Australia. As per the Department of Home Affairs, regional areas are those situated outside the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. 

According to the rules, unpaid voluntary work is not accepted in this case.

The specified work period is 88 calendar days or 3 months for the Second Working Holiday Visa and 176 days or 6 months for the Third Working Holiday Visa. You have to show that you have worked as a full-time employee. In Australia, full-time work means working for 35 hours or 5 days a week. You have different ways to prove that.

For example, if you want to apply for a Second Working Holiday Visa, you will generally show that you have worked for 5 days per week over a continuous 3-month period.

However, if you have worked for less than 5 days a week, you can show a combination of part-time, full-time, or piecework rate work. But make sure that the total period results in a 5-day work per week.

Finally, if you have worked for less than 5 days per week over a period longer than 3 months and it is equivalent to 5-day work in a week, you will still be eligible. 

Keep these additional points in mind.

    • You can work for one or multiple employers. 

    • The work can be spread over your stay period.

    • If you wish, you can work longer than the specified work period.

    • The authority will count sick days and paid public holiday leaves as working days. But, this condition is not applied to unpaid leave or unpaid days because of severe weather conditions.

Final Words

If you plan to take help from a Registered Migration Agent Perth, hire them before starting your application. Along with the personal documents, you will need to submit a filled-out Form 956 to inform the Department. For contacting the best visa consultant in Perth, get in touch with any top-rated migration firm. 

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