550+ Unique Interior Design Business Names

As an interior designer, I had always dreamed of starting my own business. I wanted a name that would capture the essence of my design philosophy and convey a sense of elegance and sophistication. After months of brainstorming and research, I finally settled on a name that I felt was perfect: “Elevate Interiors.”

To me, the name “Elevate Interiors” represents the idea of taking a space to the next level, whether it be through thoughtful design, high-quality materials, or a keen attention to detail. It also hints at my personal goal of elevating the standards of the interior design industry as a whole.

But as I started to share my new business name with friends and colleagues, I began to realize that it was a bit too abstract for some people. They wanted something more straightforward, something that would immediately convey what my business was all about.

So, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a few more options. “Design by Desire” spoke to my belief that a well-designed space should fulfill the desires and needs of its inhabitants. “Stylish Spaces” conveyed my focus on creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And “Modern Muse Interiors” captured my passion for blending modern design elements with classic influences.

Interior Design Name Ideas

interior design business names

When it comes to interior design name ideas, there are endless possibilities. Some examples include Studio M Design, Nest Interiors, Eclectic Edge Design, or Inspired Interiors. Ultimately, the name you choose should reflect your business’s unique personality and values, and resonate with your target audience.

By choosing a memorable and catchy name, you can help your business make a lasting impression on potential clients and set yourself up for success.

Space CoutureHome Improvement AssortmentsAcquisitions For The HomeSpazio Bianco
Janet GreyCascade Custom HomesLevel 3 DesignInterior Design Solutions
Sparkle And StoneFrog DesignGreat ImpressionsThe Dream Studio
Capstone InteriorsLuxe InteriorsPremise DesignLion Interior Design
Residential Building SupplyBlack & White InteriorsStructural Design ServicesPerfect Spaces
Vivid Esse Interior DesignChic Living SpacesHatch DesignHome Dynamics
Trend HouseArtistic AbodeFurnished FlowBeverly Hills Interior Designers
The Suite Shoppe InteriorsSod Builders,I craveRoyal Interior Design

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Cool Interior Design Firm Names

When it comes to naming an interior design firm, a cool and catchy name can help establish a brand identity and attract potential clients. The terms of these firms can be creative, playful, and even edgy, reflecting the unique vision and style of the designer or firm.

Some examples of cool interior design firm names include “The Bold Collective”, “Poppyseed”, and “Neon Roots”. These names can evoke a sense of personality, innovation, and fun, which can help set the firm apart in a competitive market.

When choosing a name for an interior design firm, it’s essential to consider the target audience and the values that the firm embodies, in order to create a name that is memorable, meaningful, and relevant.

A cute and charming name can help create a warm and welcoming image for an interior design business. These names often have a playful and whimsical quality, conveying a sense of creativity and approachability.

Examples of cute interior design business names include “Whimsy Designs”, “Cozy Nest Interiors”, and “Honeycomb Interiors”. These names can help attract clients who are looking for a more personalized and friendly approach to interior design.

City Interior DesignAventen InteriorsOlde World InteriorsEthan Allen
Vidal Design CollaborativeBrick & Stone DesignsDesign ConnectionCrimsom Kept
Botania GardensPowerhouse Interior DesignMaple Wood WorkInside Interiors
Residential Design SolutionsWellstyn Design22 InteriorsCreative Mind Design
DuecoloreStylish Living RoomsCreative Home FurnishingsComfort Zone Designs
Sanctuary Interior DesignMagnolia HouseAffordable Interior DesignDelbetta Interiors
Boston Butterflies DesignMaple Interior DesignAfter Five DesignsBricks Design
Crossdale Interior DesignPalmerston Design ConsultantsMy-StudioCastle Design

Funny Interior Design Business Names

Meet Sophie, an interior designer who has a great sense of humor. Sophie always loved making people laugh, and she wanted to incorporate that into her interior design business.

She brainstormed different funny names for her new venture Beyond Vision Design, The Owlie Design, The Abbey Interiors, The Designing Man, The Farmhouse Row, and Ace’s Shed. Finally, I decided to name it “Silly Spaces.”

Sophie marketed herself as a quirky and playful designer who could transform any space into a silly and stylish environment. She quickly gained a following of clients who appreciated her unique approach to design.

Zero Degree DesignSusan HopkinsSteelcase IncSpa Inspired Interiors
Emily Griffin DesignAdore InteriorBoomer Parkyn DesignOldie Astra Design
Real Space Interior DesignAaa Home DecoratingVogue LivingRichard Chapman Studio
Teacup Staged InteriorGalaxy DesignThe Style BureauBasic Interiors
Revival InteriorsAngels Interior Plant DesignNugget Platinum InteriorsDesigns World Wide
Smarty Decor UrgeFurniture Landscaping SuppliesInterior EnticeIn-House Design Consultancy
Inviting InteriorsKiddo Accent On HomeBeauty On The InsideDiva Interior Design
Creative Touch InteriorsSpecial DesignBig City DesignScout Interspace Design

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Interior Design Firm Names

Interior design firm names are an essential element of establishing your brand identity as a business-based interior design company. These names should reflect your company’s values and style, while also being memorable and easy to pronounce. 

When selecting interior design firm names, you may consider incorporating descriptive words such as “modern,” “luxury,” or “sustainable” to convey your design approach.

Some examples of interior design firm names include Innovative Interiors, Elite Home Design, or Sustainable Spaces. By selecting a unique and compelling name for your interior design firm, you can differentiate your business from competitors and attract potential clients.

Artistic DesignsSpaces Interior DesignAbode Interiors FIRMElements Of Design
Luxury Home Design CenterStyleverseHouse TrendsUrban Interior Design
Enigma Style FIRMOn-Target InteriorsFioreKitchen Interior Supplies
Beautiful VistasAmbiance Interior DesignVersatile Homes FIRMHallway Mansions FIRM
Today’s Interiors FIRMAccent On DesignDixon DesignsIn-House Design Consultancy
Rome’s Interior DesignCuisines Steam FIRMElegant EverythingApple Blossom Designers
Bottom Shelf DesignsThe Inner StoneDesign IdeasDesign Associates

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Italian Interior Design Company Names

interior design business names

Italian interior design has a rich history of elegance, sophistication, and style. From classic to contemporary, Italian interior design companies have become synonymous with innovation and creativity. The names of these companies often reflect the luxurious and aspirational nature of their products and services.

They can range from traditional Italian names such as “Bianchi” or “Rossi” to more modern names like “L’arte del Design” or “Innovazioni Italiane”. 

Luxury DesignsPersonal StagingInterior Home Designs,Elegant Designs
Cruse InteriorsForte Interior DesignBrook RestorationRhythm Design
Stantec ConsultingHome EvolutionEcofino Decoratori InterieriDesigns,
Style SelectorFavorite HomeRevision Custom Home DesignDecorating Designs
Interior PotentateSerene Interior DesignHips Home InteriorsAbc Design
Magnolia HouseStyle-BitesSassy Lee InteriorsCustom Design Solutions
Designated DesignBy Necessity Interior DesignAdagio DesignSpectacular Living
Wisdom Interior DesignMaking Home BeautifulJonathon’s Coastal LivingRose Shields

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