How to Write Brand Names in an Essay: Tips to Make It Easier

Writing academic essays is one of the most challenging endeavors that learners across all academic levels have to endure. The strict structural requirements make it more challenging, especially for those who lack essential essay writing skills. Then, here comes brand names! Have you ever written an essay that required you to write brand names? If yes, how was the experience? I am almost certain you faced an unprecedented challenge the first time you used brand names in essays.

Most companies use unique brand names to stand out in highly competitive markets and to create something that has a lasting impression on customers. Interestingly, some of these brand names don’t follow the standard English rules as we know them. This makes academic writing a challenge since one of the key elements of quality papers is strict adherence to grammar rules. You are always advised to proofread your work to correct grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors.

However, ironically, when it comes to brand names all these changes. Consider brands such as iPhone, HIM, or Which? Magazine. Using these brand names in an essay leaves writers with awkward sentences that could impact readers’ ability to comprehend your point of view. For example, read the following sentence.

iPhone and Him sign a marketing deal with Which? Magazine.”

For individuals who don’t know the company names or the brands, the sentence is completely out of this world for them. Before I provide you with effective tips on how to write brand names in an essay, why don’t we analyze why it’s so challenging for many learners?

Why Using Brand Names in an Essay Remains a Notable Challenge to Learners

  1. You need to maintain consistency

One of the key factors that you should consider if you are writing an essay that contains brand names is how the brand name is written. Most companies have a specific way they style brand names. If you aren’t careful, you might miss it which might communicate a lack of professionalism. For example, BMW is always written in capital letters. it would seem careless to write “bmw.”

  1. Brand names affect the flow of an essay

There is no better way to say this, but using brand names in an essay affects how readers follow your thought process. One important quality of a top-notch paper is conciseness. You should communicate to your reader precisely and organize your ideas logically to enhance the flow. However, if you overuse brand names, your essay might become hard to read and even boring for the readers. If you struggle with writing and you need help from someone who is a real expert, let CustomWritings write your essay quickly and professionally.

  1. You must know how to use brand names without sounding like a loyal consumer

Professional academic writers warn students against portraying themselves as fans of a specific brand while writing their essays. For example, let’s assume you are writing about the most innovative companies globally. While you have the option of using as many brands as possible, you repeatedly use Tesla or any other brand throughout your essay. Always ensure you don’t overuse a brand name to make your essay credible and reliable. Otherwise, readers might perceive it as marketing content!

  1. You must remain updated about the brand you are including in your essay

Another setback for integrating brand names in writing is that you must be certain the brand hasn’t changed or ceased to exist. For example, assume you are writing about the top social media platforms for affiliate marketing. In your mind, you have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As we know, Twitter has rebranded to X. While readers will understand what you are talking about today, they might not in a few years to come. Using extinct or irrelevant brand names will only lower the quality of your essay.

  1. You must understand your audience

For me, this is the most significant challenge when you write brand names in an essay. People from diverse regions perceive different brands differently. A brand may be popular in one region but extremely hated in another. For example, a brand that fails to ingrain corporate social responsibility in its operations, or one that fails to take responsibility for mishaps affecting people may be loathed by communities where it operates while being praised in other areas. You should therefore understand your readers’ perception about the brand.

Tips to Consider If You Have to Write Brand Names in an Essay

Writing brand names in an essay is inevitable. So, what should you do to ensure that including a brand name in an essay doesn’t impact its quality?

  • Choose brand names that relate to your topic: You should ensure you choose the brand names that perfectly fit the essay prompt you are handling. Your readers shouldn’t struggle to see the relationship between your content and the brand name.
  • Ensure you master the spelling of the brand name: You should always style brand names as they are. You should ensure that the spelling of the brand name is accurate. For instance, an iPad shouldn’t be Ipad. Providing wrong-spelled brand names means you aren’t attentive and the readers may lose interest in your essay.
  • Understand your audience: Before you use the brand name, put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Try to understand how well they understand and perceive it. If it is an unpopular brand in the region, make sure you provide explanatory information to help them understand it and see how it relates to your topic.
  • Make sure you are as neutral as possible: As highlighted earlier, your essay shouldn’t be perceived as a content marketing article. Choose the right words and ensure your arguments are clearly understood by the reader. Use the names sparingly and when it is extremely necessary. You should reference the sources of the information you are sharing about a brand to enhance credibility and reliability.
  • Make sure you are up to date: Take your time to research your brand to ensure you are up to date. Sharing outdated information or even a brand name that doesn’t exist communicates unprofessionalism on your side. In the contemporary business world, brands are increasingly dynamic to adjust to competition pressures.  
  • Proofread and adjust where necessary: Needless to say, you should never deliver an essay without adequately proofreading it. It will help you not only correct common mistakes but also ascertain that you have correctly written and used brand names in your essay.

To Sum It Up

Including brand names in an essay may make the writing process hectic and boring. However, it is inevitable to use brand names in one way or another as we share our points of view on a subject. Identifying the main reasons that including brand names becomes a challenge allows us to understand how we could do it better. I hope the tips I have shared above will help you overcome the challenges and become a better writer!

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