59+ Best Cool & Funny Fortnite Usernames

I have been a big fan of Fortnite. The popularity of the game touched the sky since the release of chapter 2 of season 3 in June 2020 released in June 2020. Since then, people fell head over heels in love with the game which boosted the constant need for the best usernames that players can use and make an impact on their competitors.

And I experienced a hell of a time while being creative for Fortnite usernames. So, to save you time, find out the list I curated for you along with some fun suggestions and criteria for creative choice.

To begin with, you may be inspired by the names like legendary Princess, Snipe the Hype, Loose Characters, Agent47, Pubgstriker, Gangs of COD, King-Pins, Gun Lords, Candy Queensz Rosies, Killing Kissers. But the truth is that there are many more Fortnite username suggestions designed into different lists to serve the different needs of amazing players like you. Check them out now.

Best Fortnite Names

Check the following list of best Fortnite names that you can use as your username. These are some of the rare and uncommon usernames. You can also modify the usernames as per your preference by adding your name or nickname to them.

Go and grab the best picks now.

  • Hunt Best
  • Dragon
  • Fortniteex
  • Bestlaza
  • Fortniteadil
  • Bestnetic
  • Bomber Fortnite
  • Raider
  • Gamer
  • Beshara

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Fortnite Usernames For Girls

Fortnite Usernames

Here are some of my favorite Fortnite usernames for girls, that I have personally chosen from a wide variety of options. You can use these usernames on your other social media handles to form an aesthetic look on your socials.

Read the suggestions from the given list of usernames.

Kawaii BestFree Fire
Team FortnitePhoenix

Sweaty Fortnite Usernames For Boys

A personalized list of usernames is also a requirement of our strong Fortnite players over the internet. Check out this amazing list of usernames that is full of strong and impactful usernames suiting your preferences.

  • Sniper
  • Razor
  • Venom
  • Akimbo
  • Overwatch
  • Empire
  • Gladiator
  • Redux
  • Noob


Unique Fortnite Usernames

Unique usernames are hard to find but don’t worry. I have sorted out a list of unique usernames. You can enhance the following usernames by adding the initials of your real name to make it more personalized.

Read out the rest of the naming ideas here.

RelicCreed Best


How To Choose A Unique Username

Pinterest is one of the best websites that gives mind-blowing and fabulous lifestyle ideas. I’m sure you have used Pinterest-saved ideas at some point in your life.

As I mentioned earlier it’s not easy to have a unique username on any platform. You have to search a lot and be attentive to your search methods. But don’t you worry buddy, I have these last-minute tips and tricks that can help you to choose a unique username.

1. Choose A Unique Name.

You’ll find hundreds of similar naming ideas, but using such common usernames will make you a common player. Find something unique that resembles your personality, gives your character a special appearance, and adds to a specific identity. Uniqueness will add value to your username.

2. Keep It Short, Simple, And Understandable.

Make sure the Fortnite username you choose is short and simple. Using long names will ruin your impression and it becomes difficult for the other players to remember the name. Use simple vocabulary to craft your username, so that people will remember it.

3. Try using skill-representative words

Fortnite is full of players with great playing tactics and skills. Using short and skillful representing words can be a great way to come into the limelight. You can also add your name after a skill word. For example, “striker boy”, “killer John”, “hider girl” etc.

4. Choose Easy-To-Spell And Easy-To-Pronounce Kinds Of Name

Usernames that are easy to spell and easy to pronounce help other players read your usernames. Easy usernames are easy to remember and players tend to remember good usernames.

5. Avoid Using Digits And Special Characters

Digits or any other special characters in the usernames make other players irritated and at certain times people skip searching usernames with special characters and digits. So it’s always better if you avoid using any special characters, digits, or other irrelevant characters in the usernames.

6. Search For The Availability Of The Username

It often becomes difficult to find the username that is available as it might have been already taken. So before finalizing any username, check its availability on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the answers to some frequently asked questions to avoid any kind of uncertainties with your Fortnite usernames. Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite Fortnite username.

1. What are some good duo names for Fortnite?
Looking for good duo names for Fortnite? Check these suggestions here: Electric Tank, Grim Noob, Noobies Choose, Loser Hunters, King-Pins, AK47, Butcher’s Son, Pink Leader, Cinderella, Padmavati.

2. Why does Fortnite shorten the names of its weapons?
Fortnite weapon names are usually surrounded by their history and hence have a very long interface. To make use of it more conveniently Fortnite shortens the names of its weapons.

Here are some samples of shortened weapon names. Milk Away, Immortal Killer, Red Head, Frantic Saboteur, Dirty Grenadier, Gun Digger, Her Majesty, Winner Woman.

3. What are the coolest names for Fortnite?
The coolest names for Fortnite are interesting and gather most of the attention. Here are some of the top trending coolest usernames for Fortnite. Leading Light, Queen Bee, Battle Mistress Young Lady, Cute Crashers, Beaches GotU, Maa Ki Ladli, Tilted Stabbers.

4. How can you get an OG name in Fortnite?
Covert Destroyer, Tilted Stabbers, Vampiric Ghosts, Dark Spirits, C-19 Parasites, Straight Gangsters, Grim Noob, Noobies Choosiest Loser Hunters, and many more suggestions are lying in front of you. Use these OG usernames in Fortnite.

5. What are some good username ideas that sound cool and original?
Are you finding original usernames that you can use? Well, the following names are original Fortnite usernames that can be used to make your username shine. Check these sample names here.

Real Chillz Demon Kong, Gods of Undead, God of Blood Hunters, Gutsy Studs, Frenzy Shooters, Mortified Coercion, Lyrical Armed Services.

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