300+ Best Fantasy Football Team Name For You 

My 10-year-old nephew is crazy about fantasy football. However, until very recently, he was not allowed to play as much. Being old school, his parents wanted to limit his screen time and nudged him to take part in physical activities as much as possible. Recently, after his selection on the school football team, my little guy won his first match! 

It was a joyous occasion for the family and the perfect time for me to pitch the idea that he is ready to play fantasy football. After having a spirited debate with my older sister and her husband, I won the argument and the little camp got permission to play a fantasy team tournament. 

Since it was my idea, I was tasked to come up with a bunch of the best fantasy team names. After rejecting many names and going to a zillion of references my nephew and I picked up The Junior Ballers since all his teammates were his age. 

I am putting the names that we didn’t use here to help anyone looking for inspiration to come up with the best fantasy team names. 

Quarterback-Centric Fantasy Football Names

Fantasy Football Names

Quarterback is an important position in football and a celebrated one in that. The players that play in this position are an inspiration for all footballers. Many players, including my nephew, wanted me to come up with a few best fantasy team names that are quarterback centric. Here is what I came up with. 

Burrowito BowlI’ll Make You JameisBurrito BowlKyler, the Creator
Sherlock Mahomes50 Shades of TreyCobra KylerI’ll Make You Jameis
Wentz Upon a TimeSuper Mariota BrothersJustin TimeMr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood
The More You JoeLong Arm of the LawrenceWentz Upon a TimeGame of Mahomes

Wide Receiver-Centric Fantasy Football Names

For football clubs winning the wild card entry to the NFL postseason is a dream come true. Though we wanted the best fantasy team names, I thought of including some inspiration in it for the young football players.

The idea led me to create wild card-received themed fantasy team names. 

Godwin Bless AmericaAmon JoyWaddleburgerChampionship Kupp
McLaurin F1T.D. MetcalfHigh-Speed ChaseAmon a Mission
My Kupp Runneth OverDeAndre HOPkinsGot My JuJu BackGodwin Bless America
Tee Price Is RightThielen GroovyDrake London CallingGot My JuJu Back
Bottle of JamesonCooper TroopersRadioactive D.K.Drake London Calling

Funny Fantasy Football Names

Though football is a serious sport, since it’s my nephew’s first time playing in an online tournament, I wanted to keep a fun and quirky name.

Though I didn’t know if they would be selected eventually, I made a list just in case. 

Go, Belichick, YourselfHurts So GoodYellow Flags Everywhere!Bend it Like Beckham Jr.
Commish Bish!Dak to the FutureBourbon MeyersHe Went to Jared
Peachy KeenumMahomes AloneTeenage Mutant Ninja BortlesGive ’em the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle
Baby Got DakThe Goodell Boys ClubKalen Me SmallsMoore the Merrier

Best Fantasy Football Names

Honestly, all the names took me quite some time to create, and I love them all, but I wanted to create a list of the best names which were hardest to create.

It took a lot of thought to come up with the following names.

You can use these as inspiration as I had during my research. 

Rolling ballRolling StonesBall KingsChief of Cake
Ball and GoalBand of BoysKids with a PlanFly Like an Eagle
Go-gettersFootball VikingsGet goingIt’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
Wildcats2023GOT of footballsThe Three BuccaneersRaising Arizona

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Cool Fantasy Football Names

Fantasy Football Names

Coming up with original and best fantasy team names need not be difficult. All you need to do is consider what the team finds cool and edgy. The process was challenging for me because I was dealing with young kids who knew the sports well but didn’t have much idea about ‘cool’ stuff.

So, the list below is mostly my brainchild and I was inspired by the thoughts of this young team. 

The nerd ballThe kiddy trainGame changersCowboys & Robbers
Football mongersRamen and roarLion springBad Boyds For Life
Young and fierceJustin timeTisy bitsy warriorsBillievers
Enter the kidsMy brother and his brosRaiden the FieldThe Millennium Eagle

Music-Based Fantasy Football Team Names

When my brother-in-law asked me to come up with Music-Based Fantasy Football Team Names, I shot my hands up in the air! I couldn’t blend music with football. But I didn’t want to disappoint him and thus reached out to my colleagues and friends to provide some suggestions and inspiration.

Turns out, football fans are big in music and came up with the best fantasy team names that are very quirky! 

DakStreet BoysBad Mooney RisingSaved by Odell808s and Golden Tate
Gage Against the MachinePop It, Lockett, Drop ItReal Slim BradySaved by Odell
Stairway to BrevinHotel, Motel, Golladay InnARSB SpeedwagonReal Slim Brady
Hit Me With Your PrescottStairway to EvansAnother ‘Quon Bites the DustYou’ve Lost That Lovin’ Thielen

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Movie-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Names

My family put one request after another during the brainstorming session for team names. As soon as I sent them the list of music-based fantasy football team names, they wanted me to come up with names inspired by movies! But to be honest, I didn’t mind this request as I am a big movie buff.

I created a long list, but let me share a few options from it. 

Better Call JamaalThe Tannehills Have EyesCharknadoThe Rise of Skyywalker
Dude, Where’s My Carr?Cabin in the WoodsDalvin and the ChipmunksYippie-ki-yay, Justin Tucker
Fields of Dreamsilence of the LambsVon in 60 SecondsTinker Taylor Soldier Spy
50 Shades of D’AndreKenneth Walker, Texas RangerHunt Fournette OctoberThe Kuppetts

The process of coming up with fantasy team names has been quite fulfilling for me. I enjoyed the process and also developed a few Playoff-Based Fantasy Football Team Names and Running Back-Centric Fantasy Football Names. 

I hope you are inspired by the names mentioned above and come up with quirky, fun, and unique names for your fantasy team. 

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