Cyber Security Company Names: Strong and Creative Ideas

After working for 30 years in the IT industry, my father finally decided to retire and start his own cybersecurity company. I was overjoyed with his decision. He had all the spades in the right places. Being an IT veteran, he saw the rise and fall of the industry going through the dot-com bubble burst, the company runs, and the boom of the startup space, and AI tech. So when he finally told us about his next big career decision last Thanksgiving, I immediately knew I had to give him something. 

I didn’t want to gift him anything material thus I came up with the idea of helping him choose an ideal Cyber security company name. 

This led me to hunt for Cyber Security Company Names for the next couple of days. My efforts finally paid off when he decided to register the name The Cyber Vigilantes. 

Through my research, I identified several unique Cyber Security Company Names that I wouldn’t want to waste. So, here are the exhaustive lists that you can use if you are looking for such names. 

Cool Cyber Security Team Names

Naturally, I wanted my father to have a cool company name, especially since it’s about cybersecurity. A cutting-edge industry like this deserves a killer name. However, my father and I had very different ideas about what “cool” is. 

After multiple rounds of revision, I created a list of names that even my dad found cool. 

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Safeway ServicesCypress Private SecurityDanger-Free ZoneActive Guards
Chefshade SecurityHackpureCyberStuffer USSecurenow
Net TrustDefine InternationalCyberRelyNet Cams
Power FirewallBleeping ComputerEastern SecurityComplete Control

Unique Cyber Security Names

Cyber Security Company Names

Cybersecurity is currently one of the trendiest topics in the industry, and many agencies are coming up to work in this sector. As the first step of my research, I simply Googled “Cybersecurity agencies near me” and boom! I was almost bulldozed by nearly 100 searches in my area.

At that moment it stuck with me to come up with a few unique Cyber Security Company Names and here’s what I created. 

DatareliantCybersecurityBlack Eagle SurveillanceHawk Bright Security
Max securityRisk Protect SecurityThreatTerminusByte System
CyberprotectorNight Patrol SecuritySafeguard Protective ServicesTechomira
Homeward Bound SecuritySquad Security GoalsGolden crownHawkeye Patrol

Great Cyber Security Company Name

While my dad was happy with most of the names I created, he was still not 100% satisfied. At that moment he was my client and his satisfaction was my responsibility! 

In an attempt to find great Cyber Security Company Names, I went on multiple online forums and checked out their suggestions. I also visited many naming aggregators to understand the thought process others are applying to the trade.

I applied leanings from these platforms to create the following list. 

Laser SecurityCyberercareerPlanetFit SecurityCio Privacy
DynopatrolBytesgateVista Quest SecurityProzone Protection
Entergy SecurityAlivefundsCerebus AssociatesHidden Lock Security
Vigilance SecuredBrinks, Inc.Chromo shieldStandshield

Memorable Cyber Security Names

As the number of cyber security agencies is growing, it was important to come up with a name that would be memorable. I didn’t want to opt for names that are too complicated band one would require an eidetic memory to remember it. 

Tip: One of the best ways to come up with a company name is by keeping it short, crisp, and related to the domain of work. 

After much consideration, I created the following list. 

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Pentagon Security AgencyMetallic Security AgencyEntergy SecurityOverseer Systems
BitWallsDispatched and Dealt WithShields for ContractXtreme Video & Security
No EntryAlder SecurityPatrol Protection ConnectionSafe castle Security
Hacker InternetNimble WarriorSecurity Guard Card TrainingRed Alarm Security

Catchy Cyber Security Company Names

While coming up with Cyber Security Company Names, I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. I was trying all sorts of permutations and creating catchy names was definitely one of those. One way of coming up with catchy Cyber Security Company Names is to think of the company’s core values. In that case, even if the company changes its direction to accommodate market demand, the name still remains valid. 

As far as I know my dad, always talked about how people should feel safe using the internet and I knew making his clients comfortable would be the primary goal of his org.

Keeping these ideas in mind, I created the following names. 

Custom Security GuardSafeguard SecurityCastle SecurityAerospace Corporation
Safety PledgedPrize DefenseNight Guards SecurityProwl Patrol
Rank CybersecurityElemental SecurityInvinable Security AgencyHidden Lock Security
BetaMist SecurityProtection and TrustSecurity BountyASC Shipbuilding

Clever Names For Cyber Security Companies

Cyber Security Company Names

As a marketing student, I know how important it is to approach branding cleverly, keeping an eye on market demands and prevailing trends. This was a golden opportunity for me because I was involved in the whole from its inception.

I could even name the brand in a way to attract more customers by creating a clever company name. 

Fortified YouBit LordsUnbreakable StaffThe Hip Trojans
Virtual SafetySky SecurityFlawless Security GuardsPentaMark Security
Eyes EverywhereDanger EliminatedSecurity Detective AgencyTrust Guard Security
The FrontlineKingdom DefenseSilent GuardOn-Demand Patrol

Though this process took me some time, I was ecstatic to see my dad happy with one of the names I created. The day he registered his company, he got me donuts to celebrate! 

If you are in the process of creating Creative Cyber Security Brand Names, or maybe Good Home Security Company Name approach the task by keeping a few things in your mind: 

  • Keep the name short and easy to remember
  • Do not make it unnecessarily hard in an attempt to be creative
  • Try to keep the core value of the company at the forefront 

I hope you find these names useful! 

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