169+ Creative CrossFit Team Names to Motivate Your Squad

As a fitness freak, I can tell you without a doubt that coming up with the perfect CrossFit team name is indeed a very challenging and time-consuming task.

After all, everyone looks for a team name that abbreviates the overall perspective and spirit of the particular team. Having said that, before you are set on the journey of finding the perfect name for your team, here is a list of team names to help you get started on the right foot!                             

  • Unrepentant Thinners
  • Booty Busters
  • Better Naked
  • Rump Yours

CrossFit Women’s Team Names

CrossFit Team Names   

Before you begin searching for a team name, you need to understand the motto behind keeping a team name. A team name will encapsulate the team’s energy and perspective and will ensure better unity amongst the members.

Now, if you are looking for women’s CrossFit team names, it is not necessary that you will have to choose something feminine. The name should be able to highlight the aim and objective of the team members as a whole. 

Chalky WormsThe DreadmillsMeltaways
Flaming NomadsJalapeno HottiesBadass Makers
KilobiteDancer’s LancersChalk Blockers
Broad Chesters UnitedHustlin’ OwlsGonna Hate Us!
Male ScorgasmsThe SlimfitsGoal Packers
DynamoHire CheatersSweaty Swags
Wod GodSassy ScoutingDrop It Like A Squat
In RecessionField Good FactorWork On Fire
Ready To LoseFree JailbirdsTwister Blisteres
Romeo And JulietRun Forrest, Run!Slim Reapers
The IntermediatesPink PenguinsThe Victorious Louses
Cow BellesThe TrimtonesFreedom Pirates

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Clever Crossfit Team Names

A clever team name will make the members feel like they are a part of something huge and will eventually develop their scores and strength. The team will make more progress than it did before. 

Hence, a clever team name can be something sarcastic or associated with a pun. You can interchange words of a famous phrase and create your own personalized version according to the spirit of the team. For example, a very common yet clever CrossFit team name is young, dumb, and unbroken. 

With that being mentioned, here is a list of names that might be of some help to you!

Meno Pause SquatsThe Ho Ho HoesLady Killers
Sole SistersGoGo GirlsGirl Bosses
Swole SistersDashing DivasThe Cougars
Stunner RunnersFat Bottom GirlsChick Clique
Miracle WorkersBaby Got TrackEstrogen Express
Queen BeesGirls On FireFemale Force
Training To Be BadassSalute The GlutesThe Matriarchy

CrossFit Men’s Team Names

CrossFit Team Names   

In order to come up with some of the best CrossFit men’s team names, you need to come up with words that interpret your team’s hunger for success. Include words in your team name that refers to your team’s motivation, hard work, and eagerness for success. You can also create some team names using tools and equipment used in the gym e.g Burpee Bros etc. 

Hustle the muscleOurs is the Fury
The slim packFrey & Sons Wedding Planners
Muscle ManiaThe One True King
Tabata SpartansTrial by Combat
Let’s MU (Muscle Up)Ask Me About My Grey Worm
Muscle LegendsThe Usurpers
Captain BarbelsHalfman, Half Amazing
Burpee KingsA Team Has No Name
StormbornTywin, Lose or Draw

Funny Crossfit Team Names

CrossFit Team Names   

Wondering how can you come up with funny CrossFit names. Here’s what you can do. You can use some common inside jokes among the members of your team and use them as a team name.

This way, your team will develop a better bond and remain united to achieve group success. You may also use some sarcastic or ironic statements that make your team crack up a little. The name should enhance motivation among the members and lead them toward progress.

Hardly AthleticSandbaggers
My So-Called LegsWhat’s That In Miles?
The BaconatorsTest Eagles
Where’s The Bacon?Stocking Stuffers
Thrust Her? I Barely Know Her!Sore Loins
Slow BurnLike Fun, Only Different
The Running JokeSpeed Bumps
Shake And BakeFragile
Team HardwoodDirty Mudder Funkers
Team SoftwoodMudder Of All Hangovers

 Cool CrossFit Team Names

When looking for a team name, one should always opt for a cool CrossFit team name to bring out the best results for the team. The name should be a reflection of the team’s enthusiasm, discipline, and perseverance. So, you need to identify your team’s features or unique characteristics that set you apart from other teams. You can even include some famous motivating quotes that your team truly looks up to. 

Now, here is the list of names to help you choose your favorite one!

The Crossfit CollectiveThe Slim PackDynamite.
No Rest DaysSmashDynamo
Trail BlazersSprint SquadMinutemen
High FlyersThe BoltsMountain Men
Just ResultsViking SquadMountaineers
Bench BuddiesIsometric DudesTill We Faint
2Fit2Quit .Suns Out, Guns OutThe A-Team
Stronger Than Yesterday.GunshowRun 4 Fun
Can’t Stop, Won’t StopLegends Of The RepBe Low Us.
Muscle ManiaThe Best TeamBig Barbell Club

 CrossFit Team Names For Partners

The best way to fuel up your inner motivation and arrive at your best form with your partner is to come up with a team name for you both. If you find that interesting, then start brainstorming CrossFit team names for partners right away. The name should convey the message that your team is ready to put in all the efforts needed for achieving success. Make sure the name reflects the respect and emotion that you feel for each other. 

Now take a look at the list of names below!

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The SimpsonsLean On MeFueled By Hops
The Actually AnteatersThe Sharp WhalesDude, where’s my gut?
Stocking StuffersRebelsBelly Acres
The Senior CitizensFlab BustersSlow Burn
Just Do It… TomorrowFitness RulesThe Thinner Winners
Fit of FuryCarb LoadersIt’s Slim possible
My So-Called Legs.Chalk Dirty to MeGods of WOD
Nerd HerdFat DumpsterVictorious Secret
All The WheyDroopy DrawersCrossFit to Bare

Badass CrossFit Team Names

CrossFit Team Names   

Badass CrossFit team names are made for those who are confident, powerful, and bold. If you want badass CrossFit team names, it is better if you include your bold characteristics in the name. However, you must make sure that the name is striking a perfect balance between being overly confident and bold.

The Serious SheepInsomniacs with Running ProblemsThe Devilish LobstersGut Busters
The Depressed EaglesThe Team that Shall Not Be NamedThe Glorious MulesRedundant
The Hapless HamstersWithering A-WeighImpactOlder Than You
The Cool StinkbugsDesignated DrinkersFueled By HopsMini Mees
The Victorious LousesBurpees And BeersMermaid TailsWithering A-Weigh
The Full MonkeysBorn to LoseSmall VilleLess than you

Creative CrossFit Team Names

Before choosing a name for your team, you must realize the fact that the team name is what keeps the team together. The name should go with the objective and essence of the group.

Creative names can be made with the perfect combination of sarcasm and innovation. Anything that inspires your team can prove to be the perfect source of a creative team name. 

Lighten UpWhy So Serious?WOD Do U Mean?
Beastjuice, Beastjuice, BeastjuiceIgnorance Is BlistersNetflix And WOD
Carb LoadersBuck FurpeesWEDDING Crashers
Snatchin’ And Dispatchin’Happy FeetWODs Up?
Bad Santas And Naughty ElvesMid Leg CrisisWOD U!
Legs MiserableNatural Born KillersFlex Appeal
Walk The WalkIt Only Hurts The First TimeYes We Can-ada
WOD Did We Get Into?We Lift More Than We Make5K Everyday
Pumped Up KicksIf Trump Can Run, So Can WeI’m Fast Because I Run With A Cape
Flex AppealSmells Like Team SpiritFlexual Healing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good CrossFit team name?

Ans. Some good CrossFit team names are Bro-tal force, Burpees and beer, and The Scream Team. 

2. Is the gym better than CrossFit?

Ans. CrossFit focuses on high-intensity interval training. If this is what you are looking for, then you can go for it.  

3. What should I name my team?

Ans. The team name should be based on something that drives the team toward success. It should be motivational, moralistic, and funny.  

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