99+ Clown Names for Every Personality: Funny, Scary, and Everything in Between

As a professional clown, I’ve spent countless hours coming up with the perfect clown names. It’s a daunting task, trying to find something that’s both catchy and fun. But after years of experience, I’ve honed my skills to the point where I can come up with a great clown name on the spot.

One of my favorite clown names is Bubbles. It’s a simple name, but it’s catchy and it really captures the playful spirit of clowning. Another name I like is Jester. It’s a classic clown name that has been used for centuries, but it still feels fresh and fun.

Of course, not all clown names have to be silly or playful. Some clowns prefer more serious names, like Pierrot or Harlequin. These names give a nod to the rich history of clowning and add an element of sophistication to the performance.

No matter what name a clown chooses, the most important thing is to make it their own. A clown’s name should reflect their unique personality and style, and it should be something that they feel comfortable and confident using on stage.

Famous Clown Names

Clown Names

Being a seasoned clown, I’ve come across many famous clown names in my career. One of the most iconic is Patch Adams, who became famous for using humor to help his patients. Another famous clown is Bozo the Clown, who entertained millions of children on television. And who can forget Ronald McDonald, the famous clown mascot for the fast-food chain?

These clowns have left an indelible mark on popular culture and serve as an inspiration to all clowns looking to make their mark on the world.

Bozo the ClownFunky FrankieSilly SusanCurious Calvin the Clown
Beebee the ClownFancy PantsSilly SarahUnicycle Eugene
Bobo the ClownDumbo DanSophie GigglesDudley the Clown
BubblesDaisy DooGirly GigglesDoctor Dufus
BingoCoco the ClownPrincess BubblesKevin Kandy

Classic Clown Name

I am known as a veteran clown, I always recommend classic clown names to new performers. One of my favorites is Auguste, the classic bumbling clown known for his oversized clothes and floppy shoes. Another popular choice is Whiteface, the elegant and refined clown often portrayed as the ringmaster.

And of course, there’s always the classic name of simply Clown, which has been used for centuries to describe the colorful and entertaining performers who bring joy to audiences of all ages.

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Mr. ChucklesSammy SparklesPrincess GigglesBaldy the Clown
Ms. ChucklesBinky BobCherry CheeksLarry Laughable
BongoLaughing LisaPatty PaintsLonny Laughmeister
Gogo the ClownGrouchy McGeeLucky-go-LuluSilly Sal
SmileyThe StagehandBubblegum BarbSal the Silly Clown

Evil Clown Names

Clown Names

I enjoy clowns with a darker side. I suggest names like Grin Reaper, Malice, or Twisted to those seeking an evil clown persona. These names add an element of danger and suspense to performances, giving audiences a thrilling and chilling experience they won’t soon forget.

Ditsy DooThe Balloon HandlerLottie LooGoofy Goober
Whimsy the ClownCrispy the ClownDaisy Doo-WopGizmo the Goofy Clown
Cuckoo the ClownQuietChuckling ChelseaWalter Big Shoes
ChesterCrankySilly Circus SallyBig Breeches
BashfulFancyBetty BallooneyDonald McDonald

Good Clown Names

As a clown who loves to spread joy, I suggest names like Joyful, Smiles, or Happy to those looking for a good clown persona. These names reflect the positive and upbeat nature of clowning, and they’re sure to bring smiles to the faces of everyone in the audience. 

BasketsEchoBetty SpaghettiBobby Bobert
ShortySqueakyLizzy LizardFreddie Spaghetti
SassyBeep-BeepRainbows McGeeClive Clown
RufflesWittyCharlotte ChucklesCletus Clown
RafflesHonk-HonkParty PatsyBert the Bozo

Scary Clown Names

I am the clown who likes to play on people’s fears; I suggest names like Night Terror, Fearmonger, or Creepshow to those seeking a scary clown persona.

These names add a haunting element to performances, creating an eerie atmosphere that sends shivers down the audience’s spines.

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Yoyo the ClownGrock the ClownCheekyTulip the Clown
Bobo the ClownT.J. TattersDumptyCutie the Clown
Jimbo the ClownRosie SunshineFunky BubblesCutie Pie
Pogo PeteZigChunky BubblesRosie the Clown
Prancing SandyZagThe GigglerCupcake the Clown

Cute Clown Names

Clown Names

I love to make people laugh; I suggest names like Puddles, Sprinkles, or Bubblegum to those seeking a cute clown persona.

These names reflect the playful and adorable nature of clowning, and they’re sure to bring a smile to the faces of everyone in the audience.

Sandy Smiles-a-LotBimFOXYLala
Silly SylvesterBomLoppyJoy
Joking JillBlinky the ClownFloppyJolly
Jilly BeansVercoeFlappyBee
Jelly Beans the ClownCoco the ClownAh-Choo!Bows

Creepy Clown Names

I am a clown with a sinister edge; I suggest names like Whisper, Shadow, or Grim to those seeking a creepy clown persona. These names add a chilling element to performances, creating an unsettling atmosphere that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Jolly HollySkeeter ReeceSneezySquishy
Bam Bam the ClownLalala the ClownPicklesButtons
Bubblegum BillPierreTootlesSparkles
Bubbles the Crazy ClownOttoWackyTopsy
Professor GlitterCharlie RivelSlappyRibbons

Creative Clown Names

Clown Names

As a clown who loves to push the boundaries, I suggest names like Scribbles, Splatter, or Flux to those seeking a creative clown persona. These names reflect the artistic and unconventional nature of clowning, and they’re sure to captivate the audience with their imaginative performances.

Joe Jackson Jr.BeebeeJugglesShiny
SmileyHarty the ClownGrubbyFreckles
DaffyJoe Jackson Sr.TattersTickles

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