Name Your Inner Demon: 350+ Haunting Berserker Names

Have you ever heard of a Berserker? I wasn’t aware too, but, One of my friends is a great fan of berserkers and that’s when I understood that it is a part of the wild warrior gangs that served as the royals’ bodyguards and worshipped Odin. Sounds so fascinating right? But, the craziness doesn’t end here when I got to know that my friend aims to have a personality like theirs, and now wants to change his name and choose a berserker name instead!

Changing names requires a lot of thought and consideration, but being a content creator that’s creating names and taglines is my favorite, so we together created a list of berserker names that will certainly interest you if you are a fan too!

Catchy Berserker Names

Berserker Names

Because of the numerous different ways in which they convey power, daring, and might, berserker names are inherently catchy and easy to remember. This was the primary factor that contributed to the fact that my friends’ first choice was to have such names.

Despite the fact that we were apprehensive about how such names might play out in the end, we found ourselves very surprised by the results. They were the strongest names I have ever heard, like ‘Talisman’, ‘Plague’, ‘Fleur Lovin’, and many more. If you wanted a strong name, this is your sign to pick up any of the following Berserker names: 

Throne WorthyMeliza Railikis
Conventional TacticsMarsalis Konemi
Left DivideOlga Platoon
Medieval MatrixRuby Judge
Aballi KygirosOlandra I-Onemi
SeveredKoleegi Kaziz
Toiki TumroSulka Avedi
Warfare WoundsDarrham Malini

Cool Berserker Names

While these names were catchy, on second thoughts, my friend didn’t want to sound too much intimidating too! He was looking more at names that also makes him look cool so that people can approach him easily.

Hence, we started looking for some not-so-bold and more cool names. There were a lot of options but we liked ‘Ylfings’, ‘The Rhunestones’ and ‘Fury’. If you are interested in something like this, here is the full list for you:  

Mezami KishigiraInstincts
Barbaric PerceptionsKoraki Meriza
Marasal DihanKaleez Kanemi
Proven WorthySulka Ovurez
Human ShieldInstincts
Malihaz SehilazInfinite soul
Lyrical Armed ServicesMalami Kytoon
Redal OvurezIkia Inez
Kalarris MihizakDevil’s Eye

Best Berserker Names

Berserker Names

The name-selecting process has its own stresses. My friend was now starting to have doubts about whether it was best to have berserker names. Well, I explained to him that a character with such an incredible history and facts like before battles, they either had a psychotic outburst or ingested narcotics and other substances that contributed to their fury, is a great inspiration for naming yourself! To make him sure about this, I found some of the best Berserker names that he absolutely loved!

Here are all the best ones if you want to consider them too: 

Rankeni KuizaAbazi Koyezi
Sukinos HerimaStatic
Senima KuyezakiKasishiri Oiza
Elma MyriakKoshima Muyezon
The BarbariansRecon
Jujhika SilkaDirty Blouses
Avedi MehzakTuil Kinra
Sukro RykeesSelina Jiha
Suvrak MahatoonZulu & zephyr

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Awesome Berserker Names

I wasn’t done brainstorming yet and was curious to see how can we make these Berserker Names more awesome. Well, we tried to make these names a mixture of strength and chill vibes. The combination of power and coolness is always a win-win, so that, People think you are a chill person to approach but also just don’t mess up around with you.

This way, we created pretty awesome names like ‘Harmless Kills’, ‘Volsungs’, and ‘And reckless’ and shortlisted a few more. If you also wanna be addressed by something awesome, here are a few options to consider: 

Ranijem JhuPeonies gypsy
Rakali RibizoSavido Telkali
Sulida FalikhAziziba Koiri
Kill bill XtremeFallad Kygiris
Sirma SurmpyVolsungs
Menham OgazaiThe Runestones
StrategyRise of the Fallen
Arini MoizaNorse Code Collective

Great Berserker Names

While we were finalizing a name, our fellow friend asked what’s so great about Berserkers. Well, what’s not? Great facts related to them like how they walk around names except for animal pelt or how they tried to convert themselves into a wolf during any battle or their unique maniac behavior which left everyone in awe is what makes them great!

In Fact, we also showed him some great berserker names for a better understanding! If you also have a doubt about their greatness, check out some of their great names: 

YlfingsAlchemy Assault
Sukti MisraFury
Ralizi KouinaNorse Code Collective
The BarbariansYnglings
Drajnmi FariDrebali Obuzo
Kisses-MartiniJokingly Killing
Optimal AcesKalindri Drakima
Judini KalinRecoil
Fahezin MehtamKuineth Spectra

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Amazing Berserker Names

Berserker Names

Now that friend’s name was decided, I now wanted a nickname inspired by berserkers for my pet, as I think he is pretty brave! Well, berserkers had a pretty amazing effect on their enemies due to their behavior where they won half the battles. This was exactly the spirit I needed for my pet. Hence, I liked some amazing names like ‘Recon’ and ‘HolyMoly’. I’m sure you guys would also love the other amazing names I collected.

Have a look: 


Choosing Your Own Berserker Names?

If you are confused about how to choose your own berserker name, here’s what you can do: 

  • Making a name for a Berserker based on its traits should be the first important step in coming up with or choosing a solid name for it. For instance, you can use traits such as how they carry only animal skins as clothes, or how strong they are in battles that scare their enemies.
  • Because animals play a significant role in a Berserker’s way of life, names that are inspired by animals or by the way they behave are also possible.
  • Lastly, make sure whatever name you choose is memorable, catchy, and brief. 

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