59+ Badass Team Names That Will Make Your Competitors Shiver

My 25-year-old sister and I are hardcore gamers. While I work for a gaming company, my sister is a professional gamer and is quite good at the trade. Gaming has been the bond we shared as kids, and even as adults we connect to each the most while gaming. Thus, it came as no surprise to me when she gifted me the registration form for a celebrated gaming championship for my birthday last year. 

Though not surprised, I was ecstatic! We would be going to Palo Alto for the weekend gaming our way to glory. I was sure we would win the competition, and so we did! But the problem arose while selecting an ideal gaming team name. 

We wanted a few badass team names and not the straight-jacket delicate names that female teams mostly have. The task proved to be extremely challenging and we spent the week before the competition wrecking our heads over some unique badass team names. 

After much deliberation and liters of coffee, we agreed on Harley Quinn’s Pixies! This unique name came to us after much research, and I want to share all of the names we created deliberately. The name suggestion will inspire you to create unique badass team names for your upcoming competition at school, work, and in the gaming community. 

Unique Badass Team Names

Badass Team Names

It’s not possible to come up with unique badass team names without putting in much thought. Ideally, a team name can only be unique when you consider the individual characteristics of the team members.

My sister loved Tinker Bell as a child and I have always been an ardent Harley Quinn fan. Our distinct characteristic is well reflected in our team name. You can consider the following ideas. 

VigilantesStealth StingraysGravely GravediggersDivine Blue
DaredevilsAwesome AvengersViking RaidersDivine Army
BestgenicsThe RebellionRhinosDanger Destroyer
About SplendourStone CrushersMercenariesThe Leopard Legion
Magic MustangsThe OutlawsChargersFire Breathers Dragon Ladies

Badass Warrior Names

Players are nothing less than warriors and it’s befitting to come up with badass team names that reflect the gladiator spirit of the players. If violent ancient games have inspired you, look at the options below for inspiration. 

Wolf PackTerrifying TarantulasBadass BadgersFireplace Meets Water
The Lots Of LavasSoldiersThe UnredeemableSwiss Charred
Lethal WeaponsTrigger HappyTerrible TigersLarge Fireplace-Respiring Lizards
The IntimidatorsShocking ScorpionsTerminatorZenithian Torment
LethalGatling GunsHurricane HawksSHADOWCLAN

Badass Viking Names

Like warriors, Vikings inspire many, and many players take inspiration from this category of warriors to name their team. While conducting research for our team name, I was inspired by Vikings too and came up with the following ideas. 

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Badass Dragon Names

Badass Team Names

Pop culture references are well used to inspire gamers to come up with team names. LOTR and GOT are two trailblazing idea tanks for those who like dragons and want to name their gaming team after the creature.

If you are one of them, you will find the ideas listed below inspiring. 

SmaugAncalagon the BlackFin Fang FoomSpyro
TemeraireShenron (Shenlong)RidleyMushu

Badass Car Club Names

The gaming community is diverse. While some of us enjoy strategizing, others like to rush and chase. The various game makers are constantly innovating as per the needs of the audience. If 

If you enjoy car and chase games and want to name your team after that, here are a few options.

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Friction FirePedal BustersRum RandosTorque Power
BurnoutRamRoad33Whiskey BanditsCrank Shift
Matrix MechanixMileage ConnoisseurRace to VictorySmooth Piston
Torque PowerGear HeadsFast and FuriousEngine Power
AutomophilesNo Drunk DrivesExorbitant PassionsThe Troopers

Funny Badass Team Names

Badass Team Names

Badass team names need not be serious all the time. Many players resort to humor and come up with catchy funny names to grab the attention of the competitors and the panels.

You can follow that path too and come up with some quirky characters. 

AnusaraPacmanBadass RodNutty
DorothyEarth boyFeffaIpsBadass
RamcharanGeeky vaneBlush LandonFrancie Pie
MannishHand auraRocketGeorgiana
KrifferCiccaMiriamBuster Earthie

The many badass alliance names and badass military nicknames listed in this article will help you pick an ideal team name. The ideas would serve as inspiration for you to come up with unique teams that uphold the identity of your teammates. 

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