AWS Certification cost: A Guide

Everybody wants to get their hands on some cloud computing knowledge since it’s influencing the information and technology environment in 2022. Every company, large or small, is working on moving its apps and legacy systems to the cloud in order to function more effectively. As a result, cloud computing experts are in great demand at this time and people are eager to know about the AWS certification cost in Chennai.  

What is the significance of AWS certification?

More than 1 million people utilize Amazon Web Services every day. So, let’s have a look over it.

As a firm, you can’t afford to have the capacity to compute and maintain the security of your databases, storage, and a host of other services that AWS provides for you. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services is still a long way ahead of its competitors in the cloud infrastructure business.  IT professionals are increasingly eager to get AWS cloud architect certification in order to secure a higher salary and benefits package.

List of AWS Certificates

It’s possible to categorize AWS certificates into two primary categories: Core and Specialty certifications.

  1.  AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Even if you don’t work in a technical field, you may benefit from this training. Those pursuing positions in the C-suite, sales, or marketing might use it as a stand-alone credential.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The AWS Solutions Architect credential validates your skills in creating and deploying AWS-based solutions. If you’re looking to get into cloud architecture, this is a great option.

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

This course will teach you how to install, scale, migrate, and manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) systems. Prior to taking the test, you should have some experience administering cloud applications.

  • AWS Associate Certified Developer

This course prepares you to create and manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications after completing it. Candidates should have some job experience before enrolling in the class. In addition, knowing at least one high-level programming language is a plus.

  • Specialty certification in AWS security

This course teaches you how to classify and encrypt data, as well as how to use secure internet protocols. You must have at least five years of IT security experience to take this course.

  • AWS Big Data Specialty Certification

Candidates must already have one of the three AWS Associate certifications mentioned above before enrolling in this course. Data Analytics experience of up to five years is also required.

Let’s take a look at the cost of AWS certification now that we’ve discussed its significance.

Exam Costs for AWS Certification

As part of the AWS Certification exam, candidates are tested on their knowledge, skills, and competencies to work with AWS services. These tests have been meticulously crafted by specialists in their fields.

This information is included in each test’s content overview (domains, goals, and the proportion of questions from each domain). The AWS Certification website offers free access to study materials.


There are no prerequisites for taking an AWS Certification test. An alternative recommendation from Amazon Web Services is that you have the hands-on expertise needed to pass each test. Training courses and materials are also available from AWS to help you prepare for each test.

A parent or legal guardian’s permission is required to sit for the AWS Certification examinations if the applicant is between the ages of 13 and 17.

Exam Style

The test consists of two categories of questions:

  • There can be only one right answer in a multiple-choice question.
  • One or more right answers from a set of five or more choices

No partial credit is given for multiple-response questions if there are any unanswered questions.

Term of the Exam

To pass the test, you must correctly answer 65 multiple-choice questions in 130 minutes.

The Language of the Exam

This certification test is administered in English only. A 30-minute test extension is offered upon request for non-native English speakers. Prior to enrolling for the test, you would need to request “ESL +30.”


Prices for the various tests may be seen below. Prices are for a single test attempt only, and taxes may be included in the price.

Exam TypePrice in USD
Foundational (Cloud Practitioner)$100

Earnings Potential with AWS Certification

For beginners who want to get their hands on their ideal paycheck as soon as possible, Amazon Web Services ranks as one of the highest-paid IT credentials in the world. AWS, an early player in the cloud infrastructure business, earned $3 billion in 2013.

By 2019, the company’s earnings had risen to $35 billion. The average yearly wage for AWS certificate holders in 2022 has been determined after extensive study.

These figures are based on the average income in other nations, however in India, with experience, you may earn six-figure wages. Other than that, the average yearly wage in India is between 15 and 20 lakh rupees.

Serial NoAWS Certification TypeAvg Annual Salary
1AWS Certified Solutions Architect – AssociateINR 99,33,430
2AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – AssociateINR 99,12,711
3AWS Certified Developer – AssociateINR 98,87,058
4Project Management ProfessionalINR 98,25,203

See which AWS certification is most appropriate for your career aspirations in case you’re on the lookout for a new AWS job or are considering a career change within your existing organization.


If you’re interested in learning more about cloud computing now is the greatest moment to do it, since you’ve learned about the different AWS certification levels and expenses.

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