Kushal Jain

Examples Of A Donut Chart And How They Work

In the vast world of data visualization, charts and graphs reign supreme, offering countless ways to represent complex data sets in visually compelling formats. Among these visual tools, the donut chart serves as a standout favorite, marrying the simplicity of a pie chart with the added complexity of a hole in the middle. Despite its … Read more

How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Branding

As the digital age advances, branding faces transformative changes that redefine its very essence. Technology serves both as an enabler and a disruptor, offering brands new avenues to engage, evolve, and excel. This revolution has unleashed many possibilities, from hyper-personalisation to real-time customer engagement. But beyond the flashy features, the core objective remains: to create … Read more

59+ Best Cool & Funny Fortnite Usernames

Fortnite Usernames

I have been a big fan of Fortnite. The popularity of the game touched the sky since the release of chapter 2 of season 3 in June 2020 released in June 2020. Since then, people fell head over heels in love with the game which boosted the constant need for the best usernames that players … Read more

The 10-second Business Name Creator

After you have the perfect idea for your business, the next step is to choose a name that will represent your brand and products. A brand name is a process that involves identifying a potential name for a product or service. It involves conducting research, reviewing trademarks, and brainstorming. Coming up with a unique brand … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Vimeo Likes in 2023

Video content in 2023 is the most popular format for the dissemination of information. That’s why you should be on Vimeo if you plan to make your presence in the online world visible. Here you have many opportunities to make your creativity popular and become a famous creator. The video platform contains incredibly useful and … Read more