Amazon Analytics tools for better performance

When you sell on Amazon, it’s critical that you maintain tabs on your sales. To be successful, you must be aware of your metrics. If you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, you’ll have no idea how much money you’re wasting. Amazon is imperative that you make use of all the data accessible to you as an e-commerce merchant with the help of Amazon analytics tools online.

Knowing where to look and what to do with all of the data you need maybe a real challenge. Amazon Brand Analytics is an analytics tool for third-party merchants, although it is only accessible to those sellers who have their own brand.

However, a slew of third-party Amazon analytics and monitoring products have stepped in to fill the void.  Revenue from Amazon Web Services (AWS) exceeded 45 billion dollars in 2020. We’ll take a look at a few of the options in this post.

  1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is an all-in-one platform that provides everything you need to run and develop a successful eCommerce company. Profits are made up of a variety of data factors that all contribute to the overall profitability of your Amazon company.

Using this tool, you may receive a clear picture of your financial health across all of your product listings by seeing your actual statistics. You can rapidly discover which goods are generating you money and which are losing you money by using Profits’ ability to compute which Amazon products are rising in income and which are declining.

The intelligent algorithms of Helium 10 provide product ideas that enable you to precisely design your market. Using Market Tracker, you can get a clear picture of the health of the markets in which you sell your products.

  • The DataHawk

Amazon is regarded as one of the most valuable brands in the world because of its global breadth and reach.  An Amazon analytics and optimization software platform called DataHawk is designed to assist Amazon sellers, suppliers and agencies improve their profitability and efficiency while gaining insights.

Search engine optimization (SEO), ASIN data monitoring (Market Research), and sales reporting are just a few of the many features included. To assist you improve your Amazon keyword rankings and comparing your performance to your competition, DataHawk SEO offers different Amazon keyword tools, including Amazon Keyword Tracker.

An Amazon sales tool for 3P sellers, DataHawk Finance provides access to reliable and up-to-date information on Amazon product sales. Keeping tabs on everyday sales and the financial health of your company is critical.

You may use DataHawk Advertising to monitor, evaluate, and improve the effectiveness of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and lower your Amazon ACoS using this Amazon PPC software Get an easy-to-use dashboard showing Amazon Ads campaign KPIs on an account or child ASIN level when you connect your Amazon Ads accounts to DataHawk.

  • Trendle

Amazon enterprises may be launched and scaled with the help of Trendle. Using Trendle, you can create, automate, and grow your Amazon business.

PPC Advertising, Reverse ASIN, FBA Reimbursements, Keyword Ranking, Profitability, Review Request Extension, Reviews & Feedback Alerts, Automatic Emails, Inventory Analytics, and Split Testing are all included in this suite of features.

In order to get a better idea of how easy it is for buyers to locate your items, use Trendle’s Keyword Ranking function. It monitors your top keywords every day, giving you with the knowledge you need to understand why your sales are up or down.

With Trendle’s inventory features, you’ll never run out of stock again, and you’ll also see which SKUs are lagging behind and at risk of incurring long-term storage costs.

  • The AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker includes nine features to help you grow your business quickly. On-Page Optimization, Negative Reviews Notifications, and Email Notifications are just some of the features of the Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker.

Other features include the AMZ Tracker Help Desk and the best AMZ Tracker seller posts. With the AMZ Tracker Rank Tracking Tool, you can keep tabs on your ranks at all times.

It enables you to examine how your items fare in terms of search results for various keywords. It offers you a clear picture of whether or not the modifications and changes you make genuinely boost your search engine results.

In order to improve your product’s ranking on Amazon, you may utilize the Listing Optimization On-Page Tool. You may utilize it to quickly enhance sales by making tiny but effective changes.

  • Sellics

Sellics provides AI-powered Amazon advertising optimization and competitive intelligence for Amazon. For Amazon advertising optimization, Sellics Autopilot uses an advanced AI-based system.

Keyword clustering, income and sales forecasting, seasonality, and other aspects are all taken into consideration by the program. Rules-based automation solutions for Amazon PPC campaigns are available from Sellics Advertising.

With Sellics’ Amazon SEO tool, you can reach your maximum SEO results in only a few easy actions. Search engine optimization, keyword research, content monitoring, and ranking tracking are all part of the service provided.

Monitoring your product rankings for all relevant keywords is a great way to see how effective your optimization has been.

  • Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a one-stop shop for your entire Amazon selling needs. Product Database, Supplier Database, Keyword Scout, Sales Analytics, and Inventory Manager are included.

Product Tracker is an all-in-one tool for keeping tabs on the performance of a collection of items over time. Monitor Amazon sales to find profitable prospects and devise a plan of action for long-term success.

You can simply organize, group, compare product ideas and sales data, and confidently choose your next product to sell on Amazon by comparing and contrasting. It allows you to keep tabs on sales in real time, organize goods with ease, monitor critical data, and export your product tracker for analysis.

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